Maker Faire Orlando, October 22nd and 23rd

Ok so maybe its not strictly an eboard event, but it definitely is a maker event, and all of you are makers by virtue of building kickass eboards.

I just got approved by their approval committee of approvers, so i’m going to have a booth there to show off my decks and completes and things, so if you’re in the area, you should totally check it out. Hopefully i’ll have some t-shirts to sell as well. These faires are pretty awesome anyway, its totally worth the trip.

I’m also building a review unit that will probably be there as well, i’m going to send it off to people to evaluate now and then.

You can blame @RunPlayBack for me stinking up the joint. He inspired me to finally get off my ass and make time to show up at one of these things.


Sounds like fun! Awesome man! I hope it’s a huge success.

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I’ll support, fly me out!

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This is so great! After I saw @RunPlayBack do it I feel like I have to cover Chicago maker!!

Me and @MasterCho and @claudiofiore88


Dude The Maker Faire is AWESOME!!!

That’s where I first showed off my boards to a bigger public and it’s totally worth it!

Take lot’s of business cards, people will contact you like crazy! Also I recommended having a tuned down board that doesn’t go too fast as lots of people will want to try it out and lots of little kids specially. Their Parents really appreciate it and will want to buy them in the future!

That’s an excellent idea. I can limit the the top end and launch on the review unit to something sane and let everyone try it out.

Will you try to make it up here?

@longhairedboy def take some video

Good luck!

Keep in mind Maker Faire can get really really congested so be wary about letting just anyone ride. I saw one guy take a very nasty spill while riding some kind of motorized bike contraption. All it takes is one bad fall without proper safety gear to run into liability issues. I’d plan to have a big team to man the booth and in a controlled area with enough space to do a run where you are personally instructing the rider. I’m still pretty paranoid about people getting hurt which is why I had a team of 4-5 riders riding around the entire venue doing demos instead of letting any random person get on our boards.

I can see @cmatson hijacked and working the crowd :joy:

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I’d probably be able to come over for the event though if you want any help Damon.

It’s right around my birthday, and paintball world Cup is around that time, so no garuntee but I think I can use both of those as an ecuse to go to maker faire


Quick @longhairedboy before he edits his post :running_man:t2:

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Be careful about letting the general public ride, maybe do demos. Find some family/friends who know how to ride your boards and demo them. Or have a big TV with some good footage of your boards being ridden on a loop.

I’d totally do the demos and help you out but I’d have to fly over there, and I can’t even take my board on a plane.

That’s definitely a good point. Letting people ride them makes me nervous but i think if i detune it down to razor-scooter power levels, meaning 10mph and an extremely soft launch, then it might spark some interest for newbies, and limiting it like that on a 12S pack would likely make the board last all damned day. I’ll also have my son there who is getting really good on these things, so if it seems like a bad idea when the time comes i might just let him do all the demoing.

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Helmets on everyone please :slight_smile: i apologize in advance for being a dad :v:

Absolutely! no apology necessary. I’m pretty anal about telling people that as well.

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@longhairedboy I will try. I doubt it though. I was planning a trip out there in September and hitting you up closers to the dates when they were locked in. But I’ll see if I can rearrange somethings at work to go for the maker Faire as well.

Also for kids riding your boards and stuff, I told most of them to sit and then take off or the really little ones I would control it for them. If they told me the skated I would let them skate in the 20ft area that’s open but my board was limited harshly so it was relatively safe. And parents always had to be there knowing full well what their kids were getting on to. I did have my helmet on site for the parents/kids that wanted it xD

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@onloop @chaka I use your stuff the most in my builds. If you guys would like to send me any sort of marketing stuff such as a stack of business cards or any printed things you might have or even product samples (does not have to be functional or in a functional quantity) that people can touch and talk about I’d be happy to have them there.

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maybe you can show off the space cell pro that i sent you by accident?

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I’ll see what I can do, been so focused on building that I have zero marketing material. We are being featured in an upcoming publication, if anything I’ll send a few copies.

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Reviving this thread a little bit…

I’ll be at a TedX conference I got into through a jacksonville raffle that Saturday the 22nd, but may be able to come down Sunday if you want some support.

I should also have a mountain board by then, in addition to my Arbor James kelly. If you want to show off either of those just let me know, although this is abviously about LHB decks :wink: