Maker X esc, are they decent?

I’ve heard that flipsky were having troubles with their escs by diy propulsion boards themselves, so I’ve looked for alternatives. I can’t buy the unity due to enertion being out of business, however, I saw maker X esc and wanted to know if anyone has use their esc in a build.

I’m thinking of getting these, but if they’re not good, link me to a good esc. I know about tramps, but their website is a bit confusing just to buy 2 esc and connectors that allows me to control both vesc and a Bluetooth connector to connect my remote controller on. It asks a lot of things before you can buy it.

Maker X is solid. Delivery time could be a little bit long, but once you get it, esc is good.

I am selling new Trampa vesc6 MkIV if you want the best. I will include can connector to connect them, but you will still need your own remote