Maker x Go-FOC DV6 connection with receiver

Hi, got a maker X VESC and wanna connect to a receiver. Unfortunately the connections do not fit together so I have to solder.

My question would be if it would be right to connect receiver to the red marked connector in the picture below.

Regards Thomas

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There is a 3 pin jst connector that comes with it in this color:


That is for your receiver. It goes on the 3 pins, which is the PWM for receivers.

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Thanks Leon, realized it shortly after writing this post myself. But thanks for your help!

Kind regards Thomas

Hello, Just wondering, did you have to use a y harness to connect the receiver to both esc parts for each motor. Also how/where did you connect the on/off switch and bms on/off switch and uart cable. Thanks for your help

Not necessarily needed. The esc is a master/slave esc so both will function on one ppm, no matter what side.

Uart cable will go where you see Rx/Tx on the esc. The on/off switch has to be brought separately since this esc does not have it built in. You need an antispark switch.

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Thanks for that, sorry I’m quite new to this I haven’t bought the esc yet so don’t know where the rx/tx is, is it just the wires you talked about earlier for the receiver, my bms has a red and black which I think is for a switch and the uart is 4 wires green, blue, white and purple. Also the switch on my board has 4 wires and using a multimeter only 2 seem to short while the other 2 wires seem to have no use, its currently connected to a 5 pin connector. I think the bms red and black wires are also suppose to go into the esc? is the on/off switch on the boar also suppose to go to the esc? thanks sorry about all the questions Uploading: 20220418_044651.jpg…

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That looks like its for charging. Is that soldered onto C- on your bms? If so, that is to charge your battery.

That looks like a smart bms that you have there.

You will have to remove that switch and replace it with an antispark switch that is sold separately. That switch belonged to a different esc and it is how you turn that esc on. The dv6 will have a different one. Just search up antispark switch and you’ll see it if you are going to buy the esc.

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I already have a charging cable on the bms, so not sure where the red and black wires go,

Does that mean its not compatible with the DV6 or will I have to rewire some stuff?

so any antispark switch as long as it meets my 10s(~42v) and motor 34A X2 78A rating. where would this be wired to? Just between the bms and the esc input? thanks

Nah it works. However, do you have the name of that bms? I’ll see the specs about it. It looks like a smart bms with an on/off built in. Not 100% sure.

Edit: yup, its a smart bms with its own on/off switch. Found it in 5 seconds.

You don’t really need to worry about the motor rating. That is handled by the esc. The antispark goes from the battery (or bms discharge line but I recommend bypassing that) to the esc. It can be any antispark switch, but take my recommendation:

Make a loop key instead and save yourself the antispark switch headache.

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It came from an evolve gtx i beleive its the same as the gt as well. Would I put in another switch for it? Not sure what the name of the bms is though


Found the bms here. So you can do two things, get the power switch, or just change the bms. Since its an evolve bms, Id recommend bypassing the bms. Or get yourself a daly 36v bms. Save a lot of headache right there.

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I think ill just bypass the bms for discharge then and program the cutoff voltage in the esc. Would I need to plug in the 4 bms wires?

I don’t think so. That’s just your way to read the battery bms via bluetooth or uart. Its if you want that. However, those type of bms are not really the best (won’t judge though) since you need to turn it on with a different switch. So this is why I say to bypass it. Shoot, imagine it just randomly shut down and you didn’t bypass it for charge only…

That would suck.

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