Maker x go foc dv6 what wire connection go where

I need to know where specifically what wires from my board go where on the maker xgo foc dv6. I know where the motor wires go, but what port do i plug the sensor wires, power button, and the reciever for my remote ( have a Hoyt Puck and Voyager from BKB)? Also Do i need an Anti Spark? If my connectors dont fit the specific ports on the makerx im assuming that what the extra pig tail wires with connectors are for.

Ive looked and searched for weeks now and dont have the info i need. All the posts about the topic is about how to program or a specific connection. It seems like everyone either just knows what to do or got the right info that i must have skipped over. So i appologize if this topic has already been covered. And if so could you point me in the right direction?
Thank you

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Yeah. You are right. There is no manual for this and information on the internet is scattered and disjointed at best. I’m a complete novice when it came to this (still am), but with the help of @LeonCamero I was able to get my ESC upgraded to VESC and get riding again. You will not take the exact steps I did, but it should be pretty similar. You can check out the thread here.


Thank you i really appreaciate that. Ill check it out

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OMG!!! That info is excatly what ive been searching for!! That helps me out so much!! Thank you so much I really really appreaciate your help


“You’re very welcome” ~ @BourgeoisBastard


Well ive read through that entire thread link ypu gave me, which was VERY helpful., but i cant get VESCTOOL to connect to either my Tablet S7 or my Pixel Pro. I dont have a laptop or desktop computer. It just searches but always just shows nothing under “devices found”. Ive got an adapter so i can connect UsbC on my Android to the Usb A on the Maker DV6. Ive got a loopkey between the battery and DV6. The Dv6 blinks Blue and the reciever for the Hoyte puck blinks red while connected. But nothing else happens. What am i missing? I wish they at least came with a base setting so you could install it and run a basic factory tune.

If you do not have a computer to get it running, nor have a Bluetooth module for the esc, you might be stuck temporarily. You need software to get it started.

Im guessing you didn’t get the blutooth module.

No i didnt get the bluetooth module. Is that going to allow me to use my Android devices to tune the DV6? Cause i cant see myself going out and getting a computer just for this. I figured when it said itll work for Android, all id need is my Android device. And by software do you mean downloading the Vesctool program?

Yes. It doesn’t have a built in module.

Yes. You need to set it up.

Ive alrezdy downloaded Vesctool. Downloaded the one in the link off maker x website and the one where you have to “purchase” the free app (cant think of where i got that link from). Both cant detect anything. Anyways, i purchased the bluetooth modual so ill try it again when it gets here

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