MakerX (Ebmakers) New Remote

I’ve seen this remote on Ebmaker’s site for the last few weeks, but today they released a video about it. I did some reading on their product page and it has some fairly neat features! Seems like a fantastic option for DIYers on paper. I doubt anyone has one at the moment, but I’ll be posting a review when I get my hands on it.


  • OLED screen
  • PWM reactive tail light (lights up when you brake, 300mah max)
  • Front light (1000 mah max) unsure of what voltage LED’s it supports but they claim 50w lights which would mean 50v lights? doesn’t make sense to me image
  • Display modes of SPEED, DISTANCE, AMP USAGE, BATTERY, and VOLTAGE. tbh the amp usage view is particularly intriguing.
  • 4 interchangeable modes (double tap the button)
  • PWM + UART comms
  • Hall sensors (vs potentiometer) woo!
  • CNC aluminum receiver shell
  • whatever this means “Using mature 2.4 Ghz module, have sensitive reaction, strong anti-jamming capability.”

Operational Guide

To Switch display contents : Short press A Button to change the display contents.

To Switch the gear : Press the A button two times to switch the gear.

To Turn On/off the front light:Long press the A Button to turn on/off the front light.

Product Page


They are just a resale company like Maytech as far as I know. The company that I know makes this remote told me there is reliability issues so they do not sell it to American customers. Their VESC’s (except for the super mini AFAIK) are from a different company.


Did you order this remote? Have you received it yet?

It’s on the way! They don’t have the molds for the final remote yet so they’re shipping me a 3d printed one for testing

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I got a quote for one on alibaba and they also said they dident want to sell it but if i wanted it they could give me a 3d printed version for $80-$90 +shipping

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I also asked them. I got this.

our remote control has not been officially produced yet, and it may take another month.

@Jinra I look forward to your review.


Testing soon


not compatible with unity.