📷 makevoid's vidz 📷

I decided to make a post to list all my videos, I will do and add more soon :slight_smile: I think they will be mostly in the “Fly Camera” style, where I just point the camera forward and go, because they’re easier to record and edit, I plan to do next in the city. I’ll try also to make one from behind, like a third-person view, but I guess it will be a bit difficult, also my gimbal doesn’t do 360* so I’ll have to think about something.

If you have any suggestions on where I should ride in London (East part is nearer) and what I should shoot, please tell!

Enough for the talk, here’s a list of all the videos I made so far:


Low POV:

Rainy Morning:

Fly Camera:

These are more about trying to film with the camera forward, trying to be stable, rotorpix style :slight_smile:


Canary Wharf #2

Canary Wharf #1 (If you already watched #2 this will be boring maybe, #2 is better imho):

Thames Path by Night:

Thames Path, long run south:

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/makevoid/videos

Stay tuned! :tv:

edit: added bank video

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cool videos, but all I could think about in that first one was “how long until those motor wires get eaten by the belt or wheel?”

that tunnel is Epic by the way!

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awesome! some nice vids… the more video the better…

maybe also post a photo of all your camera gear too.

This morning after doing the last fly-cam video one cable got a white mark so I’ll get some small wood screws make some simple cable clamps with zip ties.

@onloop: My video setup is based on @RunPlayBack’s one :slight_smile:

gopro like camera: Xiaomi Yi - aliexpress product 53 GBP ~ 75 USD - I was very impressed on the quality of the android app, the camera also has a de-fisheye feature that is nice, I don’t think I will use my smartphone often. Xiyhun Z1 Smooth C Gimbal (stabilizer): aliexpress product - 172GBP + 15GBP customs - I wanted to order the one that @RunPlayBack suggested, it seems a solid gimbal, it also has encoder, which I don’t know if my has or not - Also ometimes with strong winds or hard bumps it loses stability but overall I think it’s very good, this version also has a joystick instead of buttons and a screw at the bottom to screw an extension/pole. - I didn’t had the action camera before so the fact that I could put my phone too was nice to have.
“Selfie stick/Pole” - aliexpress - It’s cheap but not very sturdy when extended competely, I usually extend it 2/3 that is enough most of the times.

Old setup:

Instead of the action camera I used my OnePlus One smartphone with a cheap clip-on fisheye lens, the “Rainy morning” video was done like that, I ordered also a similar wide-angle lens, maybe it will be better.

I will put some photos of the gimbal later, also, here we can find my current build.

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Here are the pics, I mount the pole directly on the Ziyhun, the Xiaomi doesn’t perfectly fit the gopro mount of the gimbal but a spacer can be easily made if you need perfect alignment.

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In regards to third person POV I was thinking of building a rig similar to what I made here but clamped onto the back of my board:


Yeah! I have often thought about how you could mount a camera on the deck, behind rider at shoulder height or above, for the 3rd person perspective!.. the vibration would likely be the killer though? The picture of your back rig, is that a solid frame? was the capture smooth?

Are there some systems that can remove vibrations? are the 3 axis gimbals still prone to the vibrations?

That’s just some PVC pipe that I painted over. It’s solid but I didn’t put any PVC cement on it or anything because I like to collapse it for portability. A decent 3 axis gimbal should be able to remove vibrations but I’d be more wary of riding on rough ground with it physically attached to the deck. The clamping system would have to be very secure with multiple points to prevent the camera angle from shifting.