Making a scooter wheel fit onto a truck



I have an old swagtron scooter that I wanna try to convert the wheels into an eboard settup. I made the wires work with my meepo v2p’s esc, may not reach up to 20 mph tho. I just need to find a way to put the wheel into/onto a truck somehow.

Has anyone worked with something like this at all? I couldnt take the plate off to open up the wheel, it’s really tough. You can slightly see in the pictures the plate is raised a bit. Is there no chance to get it to work?


It looks like it might fit into the square of a meepo truck. I’ve seen a video by Jehugarcia

Why would you do this



Just saying that hub will break within 28 miles, I have ridden 4 seagtrons all broke within 28 miles…

The max speed of the hub is Also 15mph

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I’m bored and found out the cables with the wheel work in my esc so wanted to try stuff.

Nah. I rode that thing for more miles when I first got it. Never broke or had issues. Went off curbs and everything. What did break was the brake pad in the back. If it actually does, oh well. Just part of the fun of testing stuff.

mine broke too and the motor started cogging

You should put one wheel in the middle of the back of the deck and two wheels on the front.

And then put a long shaft on the front with a cross bar handle and a brake.

L-FASTER trucks are the go. I use scooter motors from Lunyee. Work great.