Making an Esk8 wiki

Hey guys, so I’ve been getting into web design lately and I figured a fun project to practice on would be making a wiki with a list of vendors as well as guides to help out beginners. It could also be used to mirror the map thread that’s been going on for a while. I’m totally open to suggestions so anything you guys think would be cool let me know.

Also, since I know some of you guys are web devs, I’d reaaally appreciate any feedback or suggestions, if I’m doing anything wrong or unconventionally I’d love to know since I’m learning as I go.

So far all I’ve made is a header and a front page with some links, here is a screenshot:

None of the links actually go anywhere yet but you can check it out live here:


Looks quite nice :slight_smile:

What would be cool, i think, woukd be to make / collect some infographics!

A lot of info is text based but it would be cool to compress it and make it visual…

One such topic could be liion batteries…

Anyways, nice seeing someone going in the direction so that everything can be more easly found


Cool!!! :grin:

There already is one.

But if you want to make another, why not?