Making my 27" board ELECTRIFIED

im not intrested in a vesc since i am on a very tight budget

No. You would only have 4 teeth in mesh on the 10T gear, which is terrible for torque transfer

Ok thats unfortunate better go for 30T:15T :confused:

I’ve found a 48:16T pulley kit and the 48T pulley is only 51mm diameter so I will be going with that

wont fit with a 56mm wheel

theyre 59mm so i should have 5mm between the ground and the belt?

The belt alone adds another 6mm. Trust what everyone is saying, you’re wheel is too small.

the belt is not 6mm thick. the pulley has a 3mm pitch

I don’t think you realize how small 5mm is…

That caliper is set to 5mm, my finger for comparison


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I mean 3mm each side, but I guess the top clearance doesn’t matter. It’s your money, but you’ll be burning through belts, and probably pulleys.

51 vs 59 = 8mm . You will only have 4mm groundclerance. And that’s without a belt

I have a measuring tape in front of me ik what 5mm looks like

How? please explain

Because your clearance is nearly non existent… we’ve been over this.

how much clearance is good?

Your belt will be dragging on the ground half the time. You will go through a belt about every 5 minutes of riding

~20mm or more

Ok so will a 42mm diameter pulley be ok??? :joy:

I run with about 12mm of clearance with belt on. Probably about 20-21mm with no belt

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Ok, i see. why do you need so much ground clearance?