Making the Flipsky 15 truck work with AT wheels

After purchasing the flipsky trucks, I find that they dont fit my style of wheels. I have the 12 inch trucks coming. But, if I take the hanger off the 15s, I can chuck it up in a lathe, and strip off the aluminum machined diameter. The pulley is VERY stout, and has two 6099z bearings. This means standard bearing dims, but a 10mm thru hole. And so, it fits the axle, just doesnt go far enough in, to get any threads to mount wheels. And so, I purchased some 6900-2rs bearings, to make the wheels fit the 10mm as well. Simple operation, and gives me the stronger trucks with wide stance. I am thinking that the wide trucks will increase stability.

Here is the 12 inch that fits my wheels.

Here is the 15 inch trucks.

That shiny part should be removed, to scooch in the pulley, till the motor aligns. This will have a slightly narrower track than the front, but will look rather cool, and three points defines a plane.

This also makes it less likely that I clip the rear on stuff. I can watch the front.

And so, it will require a 10mm spacer to mount wheels, or, grind down dia some, and run a die further up the axle. Very doable. This allows easy fit of 6374 r motors.

These are the wheels, 175mm pneumatic. They are heavy, but pretty and solid.

This makes a great way to fit 6374 motors, AT wheels, and have a stout truck. The machining is fall off a log easy. I am likely to be able to fit a 15mm wide belt.

Well done. Nice work. Now welcome to the wider is better conundrum. Lol that shiny thing is just and axle spacer, slides right off. Typically having your front wheels slightly narrower than the rear is more stable at higher speeds. I don’t even use front wheels I go so fast.

That shiny is simply machined, just how I intend to. I just pulled on it, to check. You got me.

So was it just a spacer on there? Lol. Are you a machinist?

I am a disabled moldmaker. Plastic injection. And yes, the shiny part was solid. Just got back from a moldshop. Took some doing. The guy was retirement age, and a little shaky. I helped. Got it done. Looks good. I like that the pulley has two bearings. It will make the system very rigid. Cant mock it all up till I get the 10mm bearings in.

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Well where the hell you been? We need a guy like you in here. And honestly from the pictures it looked like a spacer. Haha.

I had to build a board to run my doggie. I also built a top notch electric bike. full susp. Rebuilding the battery next.

I wish I had the dough, to electrify my Miata.

Lol miata get a better job to do that lol

I have a 68 Nova that I have been seriously considering doing the unthinkable and making it electric.

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I bought that car for 400 dollars when I was 12 years old, with money I earned from showing pigs and working on the farm.

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