Making the leap to 12s

Hey everyone, I’m taking the plunge into 12s territory for the first time and would dearly appreciate some advice on settings and such. Not really concerned with expressions of concern about the expected power increases and safety issues as I know what I’m getting myself into where that is concerned, what I’m needing is some advice on pitfalls and easily made mistakes that I’m SO capable of making when setting up the new battery. I’m running a 12s 4p 30q and a bms. Bestech 120amp monster that is rigged for both charge and discharge. Dual focboxes and 6374’s Questions are

  1. Should I bypass the bms for charge only?
  2. foc or bldc?
  3. any other sneaky wizardry that I need to know about?

Fine with bldc settings but foc has me focked. Never used it.

Anyhoo, time to lay myself at the mercy of the experienced and fine minds that make up this wonderful place. Lay it on me brothers and sisters!