Making your own reflow oven

I found this because i just sent a bunch more money to the fine canadian esk8 electronics repair man @JohnnyMeduse and thought… hey… maybe i could one day reflow stuff myself…

I was googling inexpensive small reflow ovens when i found this gem. A toaster oven! and some other things?

Its all in the article. Have any of you tried anything similar to this?

Get a controleo

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I have the controleo2 and it is still running like a champ! Way more precise than most ovens in the $1-2k price range.

oh damn! this is pretty amazing.

Yeah u need custom temp table for good reflow :slight_smile: I want one but for my room its too big :smiley:

i can use a walmart toaster oven with this thing. Damn.

Better with convection fan than just plain grill

the V3 is designed for convection.

that have tin/lead solder paste right? not just the green crap? I’ve never used solder paste or reflowed anything.

This probably isn’t the best practice, but I’ve been using just a normal toaster oven to reflow some of my boards. I just watch until the solder reflows then stop it and take it out. It’s seemed to have worked well so far and everything has been ok but I’d love to get a Controleo or make my own version.