Hey guys,

I was given the opportunity to buy 10 sets of Manta Drive hubs. Thats the truck assembly which Inboard uses on their M1 boards.

They use 80mm wheels (made by blood orange), caliber style trucks and 63mm motors. The Inboard M1 reaches 24mph and is limited to that with the ESC. With any VESC or FOCBOX you should be able to reach up to 30mph and get more torque then the inboard has.

I have not made any purchases yet, I would like to know if there will be any interest in these so that I don’t end up keeping all of them as they are expensive!

Those should be ≈≈ $549 and that will include the full back truck with HUB’s, front truck with wheels and bearings, and spare REV urethane.

  • Cool, I would buy 1 Manta Drive
  • The price is toooo HIGH, there will be no interest

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Thanks for the Input!

How would this reach 30mph? The inboard already runs 12s and only reaches a theoretical 24mph with updated fw.

I might be wrong @Jinra . This is what I got. Inboard limit the speed with their esc. If you use a VESC you’ll get the full potential! I’m still waiting for the reply from Inboard to see whats the KV.

30mph was more of a guess but it will certainly be more then 24mph!!

Sure, i can see them limiting the esc, but how do you know the kv?

Has anyone had problems with these

@Jinra I don’t know the Kv, I guessed for now. Inboard should reply to me within today to let me know the KV of the motors! I will update the topic as soon as I know it!

Hey @willpark16, no one has put these on their boards and used them with VESC’s yet (as far as I know) A few inboard users apparently got some issues but they were easily solvabale as far as I know) what I also know is that this are very high quality and that there is no slipping issues. These will come with a warranty. I don’t yet know what it will be, I’m still waiting for Inboard to reply.

From what I’ve seen from similar products online, their motors could be as low as 60kv

60~75kv is probably a much better estimate, which is inline with their 24mph theoretical max speed

Yeah, true(( I hope they are higher though @jmasta do you know how efficient those hubs should be?

That efficiency parameter in the calculator is just a fudge factor. It scales the maximum theoretical unweighted speed. 80~85% is reasonable

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Inboard have theirs rated at 24mph and that is probably not a conservative figure, design looks pretty good, too much dinero.

Nice write-up here

The price tag is simply too high. You should be able to pick much stronger and better hubs for that. And with 80mm wheels and 63er motors, these should be the smallest and uncomfortablest hubs i´ve seen. Better get some from Carvon or Hummie or all the some other nice guys here :wink:

I’m on the fence about this. I owned an Inboard. I liked the way it rode, I found it to be a bit underpowered.

I’d be into it if the price were a hundred bucks cheaper. I can do without the front trucks, wheels, etc.

The reason is heat. Ride an inboard and you’ll definitely feel the board have more legs but won’t go any faster. They currently have found a balance between power and heat.

I’m pretty sure pushing these at higher speeds will reduce the life of the thane because of the heat or even burn out the motors. These are torquey motors and you can kinda hear it…they have a geared feel to them even tho they are hub motors.

Also, don’t forget their batteries are 12s1p so they get some ludicrous voltage sag!!

That’s for sure quite a perfect wright up! My 30mph was probably a bad estimate( But I mean evolve are able to have their GT reach 24mph with 50mm motors at 10s and they are geared. So I’m sure 26-28 mph is a possible/healthy number. And they will come with an extra set of back thane so even if they do tare, you can easily swap them out! Still waiting on the Kv and the warranty information) I’ll be paying today or tomorrow, if the answer which I receive is what I want to bear))

And yeah the extra thane thing…

Follow my logic based on no exact science but based on reasonable deduction of what we all kinda know…and this is a personal thought…not based on the other crazy thread abt thane … I really don’t wanna be dragged into that…

The thane for this motor:

It isn’t a true longboard wheel. It’s a motor with thane around it. It rubs on the ground. It heats up because of the motor. It cools down. It heats up again. You ride it. Again and again. Of course it wears out…but how fast? The extra heat from the motors must have an effect on the thane…cracking, chunking etc… it’s also thin compared to normal wheels…in short…you need to change the wheel thane more often to maintain the same quality of ride. Of course this all depends on how you ride… of you Ride like George Washington crossing the Deleware river… the thane will last a while…but ripping around, digging hard on carves or turns…yeah def…the extra set is a bonus…and there is a reason why.

Man I don’t wanna be or sound like that guy raining on ur parade… not my intention… i def don’t want you to get stuck with something you can’t unload…

Hey I even know Dave Evans at Inboard and have ridden with him a few times…so I have no hate or illl will towards them

Totally agree ! Seeing whats coming out from Onloop Carvon or Hummie we clearly see that diy guys are far more ahead with their hubs than commercial brands.