Manual speed controller

Hi! I was wondering if it’s possible to control speed without esc? I mean use some kind of device connected with some cable to battery and motor.

No it’s not. Brushless motors need an esc to controll which copper coil on the inside receives power. If the wrong coil gets power at the weong time the motor will not spin. The esc is needed to do high speed calculations to make sure it powers the proper coil, it is unavoidable.

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It is if you have one of those sketchy drill E-boards :laughing: Nah, the ESC is basically the brain of the electronics. What is a human without a brain? Useless. Same goes for e-boards.

Ok, thanks for answer

Yes, I understand now.

But this guy in this video at 3:27, he is using some manual speed controller, maybe becauce those motors are not brushless?! Any ideas?

i dont think he uses a manual speed controller. his “remote” just isn´t wireless he still needs a esc / vesc

O.k. i see! Thing is why i’m so afraid those esc is: when i was younger my hobby was making rc boats, and i remember that sometimes esc were going nuts, like for an example- full speed with no controll, or unexpected brake to unexpected full speed, an so on. So when that kind of things happening on esk8 it can lead to big problems. Thing is that i do not trust esc at all. Maybe these days esc are trustable, are they?

Guess you can say the problems still exist but it isn’t a rampant problem …

The cheap mechanical ones from the early days suffer from this issue way more than the electronic ones we use today.

It’s more of a remote control issue. Transmitters use to be a am signal with telescope antenna so when the signal was lost it would lead to full throttle. Remotes now are 2.4ghz that are very reliable when set up correctly. When remote is turned off it has a fail safe so it goes to neutral.

The ESC’s aren’t 100% trustable today, but it’s not impossible to make a failsafe. Many people use anti-spark loops that could cut power to the motor very quickly in the event of a failure. @FLATLINEcustoms even put his loop on the top of the board using the drop-through to his advantage. It would be very easy to reach down and cut the circuit in the event of an ESC rampage