MANUFACTURING DIY E-BOARD PARTS FOR SALE | What's missing? What do you want? [Survey]

Hi Everyone!

I’m a young electric skateboard builder looking at getting into the manufacturing and distribution of E-Board Parts. Having recently published some of my designs online I noticed that a lot of people were interested in what i had created, asking for CAD files, and in some cases asking if i sold the parts. This feedback gave me the idea of manufacturing a large quantity of parts to sell to people.

Below I have made some polls in the hopes that I some of you will respond, thus giving me a better insight into what the E-boarders want! All feedback is appreciated, constructive criticism only please :slight_smile:

What Trucks do you use?/ Want motor mounts for?

  • Caliber II Trucks
  • Paris Trucks
  • DIY’s trucks (Caliber Clones)
  • Enertion’s trucks (Caliber Clones)

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What Wheels do you use?/ Want Wheel assemblies for?

  • ABEC11 90mm Fly Wheels
  • ABEC11 97mm Fly Wheels
  • ABEC11 107mm Fly Wheels
  • Kegel 80mm Wheels
  • Enterion’s 83mm Wheels (fly wheel clones)
  • DIY’s 83mm Wheels (fly wheel clones)
  • DIY’s 90mm Wheels (fly wheel clones)
  • Seismic Speed Vents 85mm Wheels
  • XT Wheelz Off Road Wheels

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How much would you pay for an Australian made Wheel Assembly/ hub? (AUD $)

  • 20 - 30
  • 30 - 40
  • 40 - 50
  • 50 - 60
  • 60 +

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How much would you pay for an Australian made Motor Mount? (AUD $)

  • 20 - 30
  • 30 - 40
  • 40 - 50
  • 50 - 60
  • 60+

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Caliber 2, enertion, and diy are all the same. I did a poll for this several months ago. Cronins are the winner, hands down!


@Saul - Can you fit 12mm on Cronins though :slight_smile:

People will always buy a loaded deck and not spend the same amount on trucks. I feel bad for the truck companies too.

anything is possible!

and i don’t think thats really true. some people will get all high end components once they are hooked. I’ve never liked calibers, I only use one for the rear drive truck, Bear or buck trucks on front!

but not too many are looking to speed $500 on a longboard ($200 on a deck, $100 on trucks, $100 on flywheels, $80 ceramic bearings). They usually want to spend $500 for a complete esk8! :joy:

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@saul Dont judge… :sweat:

not at all! I was/am a student on my first build, got it done for about $600 but it was a pain!

other purchases, i just call education resources! :sweat_smile:


Whitepony did his CRonin’s with 15mm

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