Marbel 2.0, swappable batteries dual drive

Busy inbox for me today, another “new” eSk8

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u should maybe also open a topic for the board which wheels u shared on trampa topic… the board looks pretty decent and I really love the styling they did…

Flexa boardz or what was the name of it.

Marbel 2.0 have done a good marketing, I like that they included the watthour rating of the pack… but they still have a few mistakes and a lot of forum members can probably argue with 16mile range and 220wh battery pack.

The Marbel PowerPack is compact enough to fit into a standard backpack or messenger bag, and only weighs 2.7 lb (1.2 kg). This is enough power to scale a 30% incline, and reach 26 MPH (41.8 kmh), all while retaining a max range of 18 mi (28.9 km)

In text description they even say 18miles, even if pictures say 16.

it looks like boosted and inboard had a baby.