Marbel Resurrection

here is a stupid video I made about the Marbel rebuild I am working on


Nice video!

thanks man.

How do you like it with the vesc? I always like the deck but components lacked

so I just got the Vesc and just learned how to get it working but I still need to figure out how to fine tune it… like soften the brakes and increase the top speed.

any help pointing me in that direction here would be awesome.

I miss the Marbel remote they really did a fine Job with it . I may be able to install a nano remote inside the Marbel slider remote I think it is only 3 wires to swap the roller to the slider .

I’m stoked about it


Here is the Marbel 1.5 single 6355 with a focbox rewire day to a new BMS


Wtf blue

Oh damn :grimacing:

how’d you do that?

How did I do what? You mean how did I diy this build?


Who makes these cells?

Idk. I think when he said " how did you do that " He like myself thought the pack broke itself open like that.

Oh no , I think I still need to play with the regen settings or something because the power crashed going down hill and the battery pack was mad hot . It seems to be charging ok now but I had to open it up and investigate.

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I see. I thought your batteries were trying to escape

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Ha !

Now I need to look up that cell number. This was a cheap “” 10s3p pack for about 200 beans

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Can’t wait to start building my own batterys

Agreed. I’m almost ready to start building my own packs.

I looked up that cell number and found nothing. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a AAA battery stuffed inside these bootleg cells

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