Mark I | Lush Freebyrd | 80mm Kegals | Caliber | APS 190kv 6364 | APS Mount | VESC | 10S lipo

Hi, Joined 6+ months ago and based in the UK, wanted to get started with a build straight away but been away in a country where getting anything would be way too expensive/annoying. Skateboarded a little when I was younger, but never longboarded!

I have a background in software, and I did electronics at school 5 years ago, we’ll see how useful those will be.

Part List

  • Lush Freebyrd deck that was going cheap on ebay :heavy_check_mark:
  • 80mm Orangatan Kegals :heavy_check_mark:
  • Calibur II Trucks ( from Newtow’s Shred, really nice guys, I recommend if you’re in London/UK) :heavy_check_mark:
  • Single 190kv 6364 motor (from Alien Power System) :heavy_check_mark:
  • Mounting kit including 15/32T gears and 15mm belt (from Alien Power System) :heavy_check_mark:
  • 2 x 5000mah 5S lipos in series (from Hobby King)
  • VESC from scramboards I think
  • remote hopefully from this group buy
  • other misc stuff from hobbyking/ebay like battery alarms, connectors etc
  • I’ll worry about enclosures later

:heavy_check_mark: = purchased

Future Upgrades may include Lithium ion cells and a BMS.

All I have is the board, trucks and wheels so far:

Will be trying to cruise around manually till the rest arrives!

This is my first build, so any advice is greatly appreciated.


looking good! if you want a custom enclosures both I and @psychotiller make them. good luck with that VESC, I’ve never seen anyone use it. Interested to see how it works out.

Is that a drop through deck? If so you need to be careful about spacing and everything…

Yea was worried about that, if it becomes an issue I’ll mount the trucks right on the bottom.

Yep, I had a drop through, I did the same.

Drive chain components and motor have arrive from Alien Drive Systems!


Ordered a VESC from faraday motion on Friday, there’s little to no feedback on here about them, but the seem like good people! However, apparently they had a fault on there last batch, on top of that they’re in the middle moving there office to berlin! So I may be waiting longer than expected :sweat:

Btw their VESCs are 4.10 hw version

Says 4.12 on their site?

Hm, last time I talked with them (3 weeks ago) they said they only had 4.10. must have changed since then.

Interesting, I’ll confirm with them!

If you’re interested, they confirmed that it will be 4.12 HW.

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I have a drop through and only thing I find is motor is a little close but I’m also using lipo which are thinner.

Hey Jake, great looking build so far!

I’m also in the UK, down South in Farnham, Surrey.

I’ve got a Lush deck too, I went for the Machine 3D… pretty much the same APS setup too, but 6S with a 5065 motor. I was out on it for the first time on Monday evening in Portsmouth - single drive has so much punch, I had no idea it would be so powerful. So your bigger motor with 10S will blow you away! :smiling_imp:

In terms of enclosures, I found a great company in the South also, that produces plastic cases…

I’ll keep my eye on this build thread and maybe we could meet up some time :slight_smile: Jonny.


Nice board and photos!: Did you go with a VESC as well?

Thanks for the link, I might start with one of them, but I’m keen to get a slick vacuum formed or 3d printed enclosure :grinning:

Yes would be awesome to meet up, any of my mates that I tell about this project just give me funny looks :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi mate, cheers!

No I went with a Hobbywing 150A ESC, as I’m only running 6S. I’ve just posted my entire build journey :smiley:

They give you looks as they probably don’t get it, haha! Give them each a go on the board and their next words will be “Can you build me one?” :laughing:

Hooray the VESC has arrived from Faraday motion! I have everything I need now, just need to make time to put it together.

Some notes on the Faraday VESC:

  • 4mm bullets for motor and xt90 for battery presoldered
  • 12 AWG wire
  • Not heat shrinked but they include a nice big piece to do it with
  • Hot glued connectors will help with avoiding shorts :wink:
  • single 2200uF capacitor, not sure how this works out vs 3 smaller ones?


Finished! Thanks @mrjonnyjones for the tip on the enclosure!


Dude, so sick!! Big congrats on this, dope build, you’ll love the Kegels (I’ve recently taken the 90mm Flywheels off as the Kegels ride better!) :smiley: