Market research survey

Hey there everyone!

I am wanting to do some market research regarding electric bikes. I trust everyone’s input here, so I wanted to post here.

I am planning on creating a local ebike shop to start (as I have seen, most people are more willing to ride a bike than a board), and expanding from there, going further with other personal electric vehicles like eSk8 and eScooters. My stretch goal is to equip our police department and other first responders with super quick electric bikes.

To start out, I have created a general survey with the goal of testing the market. I want both general and expert opinions, which is why I came here.

If you may please fill out the 3 minute survey here, it would be greatly appreciated!

All responses are anonymous!

Survey here:

Back to the top! I would love to see more input from you guys, and appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten already!

You didn’t put “esk8” on the transportation choices?

Oh I see it says “board” lumped in with other stuff

I filled that for ya :v:

I didn’t not fill it out… anonymity preserved.


I dun did it.

No >18 option?

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I like electric bikes they are cool but I feel like my issue with them may be shared by alot of other esk8ers.

It’s impractical compared to an esk8. I can’t take an electric bike in with me to a store or Chuck it in the back of a small car. It’s much easier to carry an esk8 up stairs and the list goes on and on. I can’t see my self spending thousands of dollars on an ebike when I know I’ll rarely use it.


@Battosaii The counter to that is comfort level. I would say most people are more comfortable and feel safer on a bike at high speeds rather than a board. However, the eventual goal of the company is to include bikes, boards and scooters. From what I can articulate, bikes would be the bigger market to start out with (at least in my area, since I live in a bike town).

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@GrecoMan Not sure why that wasn’t included, but I will add that now as long as it doesn’t void a bunch of answers.

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Thanks everyone! Your feedback is super helpful!

I guess it depends on usage. I don’t use my board to get to work in that instance I’d feel a bike to be more comfortable.

@Battosaii Exactly right. I would certainly consider a board more for pleasure rather than transport, unless you are @b264. I rode one for transport for just about a year, but am looking at bikes so there isn’t 6 miles of anxiety every morning :joy:


I don’t feel comfortable leaving my multi-thousand-dollar PEV outside to get stolen. Esk8 and eUnicycle you can bring inside with you. Everything else you have to “park”. Fuck that.


An electric bike company opened its doors today where I live. There is definitely a growing market for ebikes.

BUT… a couple weeks ago, Uber introduced their electric bike share company to town. They’re parked all over the city, and use an app to rent.

The ebike share/rental companies pose a threat to any brick and mortar business.

I just ended up putting 18-24

I certainly plan on integrating some sort of safety features to mitigate that, although nothing can beat having the vehicle with you. I plan on using switches that require keys to turn on and off, like a car. Maybe RFID, just because it’s cool :joy:

@Jedi A bike store recently closed its doors around where I’m at, but no one knew it was there. They had absolutely 0 marketing. That’s where I plan to do better.

@GrecoMan that works! Thanks for your response!


People steal motorcycles by tossing them in the back of a van with 2 guys so I’d think a bike would be easier.

Maybe you could electrify the frame of the bike so if you touch it, it will shock you and you deactivate it with a key fob. Sounds illegal though.

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I’ve seen that feature in the handles of cars before, so it might not actually be illegal. It would be pretty hilarious to see though, regardless of legality. That might be a feature of super high end versions of the bikes. I was thinking more along the lines of GPS. I will do research into how motorcycle manufacturers deal with it though.