[Mars Rover 1] Never Summer Reaper | 83mm flywheels | Caliber 50 Trucks| Rout Supply Co. Ceramic Bearings | Dual 190kv Torqueboards 6355 | Ollin VESC | DiYES's 10s4p | Psychotiller Custom Enclosure

Edit: Link to post showing mostly completed build: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/mars-rover-1-never-summer-reaper-83mm-flywheels-caliber-50-trucks-rout-supply-co-ceramic-bearings-dual-190kv-torqueboards-6355-ollin-vesc-diyess-10s4p/7838/113?u=spek

Hello everyone,

I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and researching like crazy. When I discovered the existence of the boosted board, I decided I had to have an eboard. I put my 50cc scooter that I commute on up for sale immediately to get some start up money and started researching. Then I put it a pre-order for the Boosted (which I have yet to cancel, I am an indecisive person). After more reading I discovered the DIY community and the performance a DIY board can achieve. I like a good project and I suspect I want more speed than the boosted offers.

As for longboarding experience, I was super into downhill for a good 5 years starting back in 2001. At the time it felt like I was part of the beginning of a sport and I got all of my friends started into longboards and downhill. I’m 30 now and these eboards have brought those feelings back of being in high school and seeking out the best ride and hills to bomb. And now there’s brakes!?

Anyway, I’m going to post my shopping list and I would love to hear if any of my plans are wrong or misguided. I don’t have a ton of money but I do have a wife. So spending money burning out parts isn’t really an option. I need to get this pretty much right the first time. My budget is about $1500 (boosted price) and I am hoping to achieve boosted levels of reliability in my build.

I’ve kind of given up on the idea of building my own battery (no experience, no tools, and installing buttons, BMS, lcd screens, etc all sound difficult. Maybe a good project down the road)

Wow, this is getting long. Sorry. My shopping list:


Deck: Looking at the Never Summer Reaper ( I need to call a board shop and bug them about wheel size on this deck)

Wheels: 83mm flywheels 75a

Bearings: Budget dependant, I want ceramic

Trucks: Calibur II 50 degree

Motor: Torqueboards 170kv sensored 6355 Mounts: TB Motor Mounts Battery: TB 12s3p Battery Pack with 4a charger ESC: VESC from DIYelectricskateboards 16/36 pulleys and belts from TB (might pick up a 13T to play with) Enclosures: Unknown (I think the TB battery has its own?)

As a graphic designer, I have access to a large scale vinyl printer/plotter and will be applying my own deck graphics after everything is up and running.

So, my questions:

Did I pick the right stuff? Is this a good or bad Idea? Should I just wait 3 months for the boosted and live with 22mph top speed? Is this the best dealer to buy from? Best source for a VESC? (Im scared of blowing it up upon motor detection) I can’t take that battery on a plane, suggestions for a cheap small one to switch out? What do you think about that deck? Im concerned about wheel size on it. Will a build like this last a long time or breakdown and be a pain in my ass?

Thank you for reading and you guys are awesome. Also, I used the chat feature on and Dexter was very helpful and quick to respond. So far I am very impressed with those guys (aside from their product photos, not entirely clear)



Sounds like it’ll be a nice build! Make sure to update on how the deck graphics go, I was thinking about maybe trying wood burning a design onto a few. Just so you know, for max speed the MEB 12s battery that @oriol360 sells has received outstanding reviews for power and reliability. Also, if you want speed over torque a higher Kv motor tends to go faster. Just thoughts, but your current plan looks good.


Originally I had selected the 190kv motor. While grilling Dexter at diyelectricboard.com, he recommended the 170kv over the 190kv “to be on the safe side for the current VESC version” when running a 12s pack. I definitely want to be on the safe side when it comes to building a robust board. Thanks for the battery recommendation, I’ll check that out.

Hmm i think you should go with 190kv and 10s, i should buy the dual drive motor kit from.enertion, and 2 vescs from @chaka or enertion. Chaka’s vesc are already checked so if ur worrying about blow things up, buy one from him. For a battery you can look for space cell pro 4 and for devk, arbor james kelly model or honey velocity v2

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i’m interested in how you apply the graphics. I’ve been trying to think of ways to get printouts onto my boards for use iunder the clear grip that i do, so i’ll be watching this thread with interest.

i found this cheap and easy way to do it but it looks very error prone:

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@Spek @longhairedboy

HAHAHAH great minds!

I used to work in a sign shop and we did vehicle wraps. You can essentially print any image onto a high grade vehicle vinyl rated to last 7 years outdoors. Installation can be tricky over contours but a bit of head from a blow dryer would help soften the vinyl and allow it to contour. Beware applying vinyl to ABS plastic enclosures as the plastic material does not hold the adhesive. If you have a high res image file you can contact your local sign shop and get a printing and/or install quote usually based on size.

For me, that’s the final step. Im far more concerned with building the best most reliable board that I can. Then I’ll make it pretty :slight_smile:

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Hey @longhairedboy. I’ve been eying your scarlett deck to do my build on. That NW reaper, a landyatchz 10 to 4 and the LHB deck are the three I’ve been considering. The reaper has weird contours on the bottom and I see having problems mounting things to it.

As far as laying a clear coat of grip tape over a vinyl graphic, I can’t speak to weather that would hold or not.

Something like this might work. Its perforated for use on windows so you can see the graphic but still get light through a window. The holes in the material should allow any adhesive over the top to reach the wood below.

Edit: Sublimation is also an option, but probably not cost effective on a small scale and I believe requires dies or molds to accomplish.

Is there a specific reason for going with enertion motors over the TB motors? Same question for the battery.

I’d really like to go with a lifepo4 pack for safety and lifespan but I have yet to see a full featured one out there (power button, lcd screen, etc). I have little/no experience with wiring and soldering so a DIY battery scares me a bit. Especially when adding in peripheral features.

Yeah cause 190kv will give you more speed, and k think also 190kv 10s is safer than 170kv at 12s, i but i doesnt have to be the enrtion kit, but if you calculate everything, it will cost more than buying everything seperatly.

So far, I’m leaning toward using because they’re US based and so far I’ve had a good expeirence with their customer service. If enertion’s motors are better quality, that would get me to go that route. Their bundles, however, don’t include a VESC and based on what I’ve read VESC is the way to go. Also, most bundles I’ve seen include clones of trucks and wheels and I simply don’t trust a clone wheel. Back in the day I rode all abec 11 and they were seriously good wheels. Plus I think I saw a video where a guy put 20 miles on some abec clones and they had huge chucks taken out of them.

I’ll look into 190kv with 10s though. For speed I’d like a real world top speed around 32 mph and plenty of torque.

Also, thanks for all the replies everyone. Nice forum ya got here :slight_smile:

Well, i think Enertion does have good quality trucks, but if you want another pair, you could. Oh and you could just buy the vesc apart. But in your case, go for it, but keep in mind that 190kv at 10s goes also alot, like alot alot faster than a boosted board. I think there’s no need for 12s, but yeah you decide what you wznt!

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Any suggestion for a rock solid 10s battery? Highest capacity available, ideally.

Space cell pro 4 should give you 30km on dual motors, again, boosted board is nothing compared to this

@Spek - I’m Dexter from DIYES. Our motors are high quality motors specifically our latest 6355 170KV and 6355 190KV motors as we have upgraded the stator added more durable retaining rings. These added features increased the price but they are still the same price they have always been which makes them much more affordable because we take a smaller margin.

Our VESCs are high quality and you get what’s pictured. Each VESC is confirmed and tested twice to confirm that it is 100% working prior to shipping out.

One thing you should know is this is an Enertion forum so you have countless fanboys on here. No offense to anybody, just stating the obvious some of Enertion products are good quality.

As for our wheels, I haven’t clunked any of my ABEC clones.

We also have our 10S4P 12S3P packs which will now also include enclosures with a 30amp cont/80amp peak rating.

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Hey Dexter. I was reading yesterday about motor detection on the VESC and how they blow out the first time they receive power. Do you guys charge the capacitor before shipping so they’re basically plug and play? The article or thread I was reading had guys buying these expensive lab power supplies just to turn on the VESC for the first time - and that is my concern. Thanks for chiming in

For calculations on speed go to this calculator: http://toddy616.blogspot.be/2013/07/electric-skateboard-calculator.html?m=1

@Spek - I haven’t had any issues with the VESC blowing up upon connection. I’ve tested well over 600 of our VESCs by hand. Not sure what you mean by the capacitor being charged, that’s not really needed. It’s easier if you have a flat pack that has an on/off switch. You can check our youtube for more info on VESC setup - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTvBTevjSrhrWIOTWkWKcgA. It’s fairly easy.

Already got it bookmarked! thanks man.