Marvle Boards - New Kickstarter

Have you all seen this? Kickstarter here

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Hmm… it’s a DIY board, Tacon motors and the GT2B. I’m sure there is a VESC inside also. Would really like to see some specs from the battery. I’m sure the ‘creator’ is on this forum, because the ‘prototype’ was a first time build.

I had a small discussion with the ceo. He claims that each board will be guaranteed with 25 mile range. I told him that’s pretty unlikely given his 12s1p or 6s2p (or similar) setup.

Not enough detail to see if realistically achievable.

25+ miles w/ me on it vs one of you who weigh half as much as me… Love the idea, but seems DIY and i could do the same for less - on a board of my choosing.

Now their stretch goal of 100k - android and IOS control of board - that sounds interesting!

25 mile range but requires more than one charge

maybe they meant 25 mile warranty?


“There’s a SUCKER born every minute”

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They are running 12s (It showed in the bullet points). Which means the battery must be around 3-4p.

I also found a grammatical error, it may be small but I look for these things. “because there no need” This tells me they don’t check over their work, so good luck to all that splurge and most likely never get a board.

I would really like to have the CEO on here, maybe it’s @Rasha ??

Something else that tells me the CEO is on here is the are using a GT2B housing, and the only place to find that is on here or ES.

Also not sure if the whole battery shipping thing can be pulled off. We all know what happened with the SPACE CELL. and if the battery gets 25 miles it has to be the same size or bigger.

Lol that kid is soooo full of shit…I could make a board that would kill his in my sleep lol

It’s not me. I swear.

I wouldn’t kickstart my first e-board build.

Ok then do u know who it is @Jinra

Still weary of @Rasha how did u come across this? It was just posted

Lol I bet his backers are his friends and family…

Sorry nice try…it’s lame…brings nothing new or innovative …only in it for the money … Sad and pitiful


Sometimes I’m curious if who ever starts the Kickstarter backs themselves, and changes their credit card so the payment dosnt go through. It would be really sad if that is what it was

I was looking for a kickstarter project in the Technology section and I saw one for an e-board I never saw before.

Ah ok, well thanks for sharing.

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my convo with Luke.

Lol … FULL OF SHIT …boy they start them early


To be completely transparent…

and then…

we have decided it will be better to release the exact battery specifications after the product has been launched

If they are using tacons that already a big red flag.

It’s just upsetting that people like that are basically taking advantage … No real new tech…not filling a void in the e-sk8 scene … IMO taking advantage period

They suck

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Haha this is great, he said they don’t want to say how they achieve 25 mile range, but it is due to extreme motor efficiency and a great BMS. It’s a total motor which you can’t buy, and probably a Best techno BMS. Groundbreaking.

This kid is all talk. I really hope no one spends money on this.

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