Massive Clean-out [Freebies][Vescs, Focboxes, Trucks, Motors, Enclosures, Hardware + more] [Australia]

Hey all.

I was very into diy esk8 a while back, but i’ve since lost interest (mostly due to time :frowning:). I’m happy with my production board so I’m selling off all of my parts. Please see the photos a list of items below. There’s also a bunch of freebies down the bottom :slight_smile:

I know i’m a new member, so feel free to ask and i’ll be happy to send you a photo of the item with your username + date. I’ll accept paypal payments + Australian bank transfer (or Payid). I’m also happy to meet up in Sydney.

I will post in Australia with Sendle (cheaper) or Auspost. Will also post worldwide if you’d like (calculate pricing here, select send from Sydney NSW 2000, standard or higher (economy has no tracking)). Pricing is in AUD

Feel free to make offers on anything, I may have priced things high since I haven’t been in the game for a while.

I’ve also got a bunch more stuff to list as I go through it + a complete diy board to sell.

Items for Sale

1x 36t/15t pulley kit. Includes Wheel pulley x1, motor pulley x2 and all hardware $25 AUD

1x Brand new Maytech Vesc - $55 AUD shipped australia wide (50+ shipping outside aus)

1x Enertion NanoX remote - brand new - $60 AUD

1x battery heatshrink - clear - $5 AUD

3m pure nickel 10mm tape. I’ve tested this and it’s pure (supower was the vendor I think) FREE

4m nickel tape - not sure if it’s 100% pure, vendor unknown, FREE


30m katon tape (min 20m left) AUD $5 sold 2x 5000mah 4s 25c Turnigy Lipos - $15 AUD (great for a first board). They are a pretty well used but work fine. sold

1 set of 90mm abec clones - $15 AUD Sold

Complete Hardware Kit. Includes: MBS Wheels Retail $110 36/15t pulley/belt kit for each wheel Retail $50 Risers Retail $10 Loaded Bolts Retail $10 63mm Torque Boards Motor Mounts Retail $170 218mm Torque Boards Trucks Retail $90

Would prefer to sell together, but will split if there’s no interest as a package.

$350 AUD OBO

sold @ProjectEldor

2x unusedSk3 6364 190v motors - flexible silicone wire + carbon wrap - $75 AUD ea sold

2x Enertion style carbon fibre/alu mounts (no hardware) - $5 AUD each @lucas64

2x Brand new Enertion Focboxes - $175 AUD each - Sold @Rustedbucket 1x brand new (in box) Unikboards 10s3p enclosure w/ foam seal - $35 AUD Sold @ProjectEldor 2x sets of TorqueBoards 218mm Trucks - $80 AUD per set Sold @ProjectEldor 30x Samsung 25R cells (brand new, plus 4 more that were used for testing) - $70 AUD Sold @ProjectEldor 1x brand new GT2B - $30 AUD - Sold @Rustedbucket


First preference goes to those purchasing other items. If there is stuff left over I’ll open it up to everyone.

1x caliber clone truck:

gopro truck mount:

hobbywing esc programming card:

Carbon fibre wrap (2m or so)

1x 5v BEC @ProjectEldor Modular 18650 3 battery clips (roughly 80 pieces) @ProjectEldor Lipo bag @Rustedbucket 2x 3000mah 3s lipos - well used (but hey they are free)

Abec pulley


12s battery meter @Rustedbucket

Bluetooth module @Rustedbucket


what version are the focboxes?

I’m not actually sure. How do I check? I can’t see any version marked on them.

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The Version is printed on the PCB

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Oh, ok. I’d prefer not to take them apart, though :frowning:

They are just 3 screws. The only thing you renove is the housing, nothing to worry about. For some people its rather important if they buy 1.6 or 1.7 etc focboxes.

@xsynatic What’s the difference between 1.6 and 1.7?

I’m no expert but i think it was the Canbus protection. If you have 2x 1.6 focboxes connected via can and the cable disconnects while driving it blows up the CAN Port? (correct me if i’m wrong) the 1.7 had a protection against it. If you drive single it shouldn’t be a problem. Not sure if there are any other changes.


I remember reading something about the canbus blowing up on focboxes but it was a long time ago… Thanks for the reply.

@exantra sorry for the derail and good luck with the sale.

@dareno focboxes dude


Come on dude :shushing_face:. Lol

@dareno there is nothing to see here, you can go back to sleep off your wine.



Damn you rugby world cup and whiskey. Why do these bloody deals appear when I am broke?


Really? Would you pinky swear on that?

I am hopeful that I can negotiate a little, I am already lucky Brian can’t swoop in, or can he?

@exantra providing those are v1.7 and you are open to discussion on the price I’d like to make an offer. Otherwise, no harm done and good luck in tourney sale.

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PM sent for focboxes


1.7 also had a sticher on the enesc (frank safe terminology) no sticker like not a 1.7 or been wet. I have both and had to repair both.

you’ve had to repair both 1.6 and 1.7. I don’t understand what your trying to say??

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you are unlikely to kill them unless you are stupid as I am. they are rock solid. just glue your canbus dont use gnd.


on the 1.6v yeah? is the problem with that version, when the salve esc gets powered before the main one, it frys the canbus chip on the main esc?? if you disconnect the ground cable on the canbus cable dose it prevent this ‘frying’?? @Movation

I’m interested in the DIY board. What are the specs and how much were you expecting? PM me off board if you want

If the can bus cable becomes disconnected while both vescs are powered up the canbus chip on the connected one will blow. If like me you disconnected the power to one while the can bus was still connected then both chips are fried. 1.7 was supposed to fix this but I have never been game enough to try it. When you are talking about disconnecting the gnd I think you mean split ppm where you only use the signal cable for one leg but according to trampa this will create a ground loop and cause your board to implode and create a singularity and destroy the galaxy.

All mine run split ppm and have done for years so that is simply not the case.