Massive Clean-out [Freebies][Vescs, Focboxes, Trucks, Motors, Enclosures, Hardware + more] [Australia]

He has received them.

I will buy one of the 6374s if still available.

How much does the motors weigh?

Yeh I have got them, whats up?

Can mail overseas? the freight will be paid by me

Please come join the NeW FoRUm @ forum . esk8 . news This is not some stupid forum, we have migrated over there. this forum is now regarded as the Old Forum. plenty of info on here but for selling things and & more interesting stuff, please join the new one. the spaces are because there is a spam bot the removes anything that identifies as the new forum because Jason, the owner of this forum and also the owner of fucked-up Enertion is raging lol


Will do this for you :slight_smile:

They are 6364 BTW, pm me if you are still interested

Yes, worldwide provided you pay :slight_smile:

Motor price is a single or a pair of

I can do $140 if you take both :slight_smile:

Replied to your PM :slight_smile:

Still available?

Yep :slight_smile:

Bunch more stuff sold and prices dropped on leftover items :slight_smile:

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Whats left mate?


Everything with a price next to it is still for sale.

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All prices dropped again :slight_smile: Grab a bargain, vesc for $50 AUD or $33 USD :smiley:

sorry are these still available? i don’t see ‘‘sold’’

Sorry, Lucas grabbed them :slight_smile:

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