Material to protect / reduce noise of vesc

My vesc is in its own enclosure and rattles when riding. What would you guys recommend to protect and reduce the rattling noise? Im thinking the rattling would potentially damage the remote connector over time as well right?

Some methods I use for my builds:

Option 1: Hot glue the VESC down to the deck/enclosure. Option 2: Mount the VESC to the deck/enclosure through the mounting holes. Option 3: Use 3M dual lock to mount the VESC to the deck/enclosure. Option 4: Use 3M double sided adhesive tape to mount the VESC to the deck/enclosure.

Fixed my vesc6 with 4x m3 screws into rivet nuts in the deck. They are fitted with epoxy to make them sit a bitt better then when just «crimped» on.


Thanks guys! Forgot I do have some 3M dual lock Velcro that would work well to mount to the enclosure.