Matrix battery pack any good?

Anyone have experience with this battery? I’m a little reluctant with some of these Chinese manufacturer’s but they can’t all be that

much inferior to Samsung’s can they?

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If that’s from aliexpress or any website that doesn’t provide enough info, do not buy it. If the price is too good to be true, skip it. Just get yourself an eovan battery since it’s mentioned by prebuilt board users and are decent. But they’re $500.

Also there’s very little info about that battery. Kind of a red flag.

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I have 12s3p 40t cells Where in USA?

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It’s off, probably a similar site. It’s cheaper , but like 3 bills still ? I referenced from a youtube build video for the “Demon” which the builders say is a “step above the rest” (they’re american, like that really matters but don’t seem to be scammers promoting they’re own products), all the other components they use are solid top quality and the other electronics…VESC and BMS are common notable ones, but hadn’t heard of this battery before? It’s this exact one (Matrix) and since I hadn’t heard of it I looked it up.

I’m new to the DIY world and it will be my first one, I have a zealot and love it but want to build my board now,. I ride it like a car and have over 1500 miles on in like 6-7months. My build would needed to be a solid commuter, also very comfortable maxing my speed out on the zealot at 26-29 mph so a bit faster would be nice for the build. I have thought of building my own battery, done significant research and watched videos but waffling on building my own battery. Seems doable? Kind of a lot of info here, don’t know if I’m off par thinking I can get a fast long range battery that will last the test of time, may fill the whole under side of the board, limit flex, etc. sooo many questions, getting answers doing research but looking for feedback for sure! Thanks for the website warning!!!

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No problem on the warning. As for battery building, if you have the supplies and a battery welder device, with the right nickel strips, you can easily make your batteries and make them safely if you follow good battery builders. Or buy it from others who has spare batteries to sell. Battery is basically the most needed, along with a good esc.

That’s how I got into DIY. Everything else works out when you know what parts you require. But DIY is really expensive, so be aware of the costs. Also, you’ve mentioned propulsion boards. They’re not bad people, but they do make mistakes in some stuff.

If you have some questions, I’ll try to answer in the best of my own knowledge. If i don’t know the answers, I’ll probably go find the answer for you. Do note that I’m rarely on here, so my response time is rare.

I’m interested in knowing more!

Thanks! Yeah I have enough $ and would probably buy one part each check so I’m looking like 2-3 months down the road to start the build, may start by just building my own battery. Is 12 S 6P as big as one would ever need, seems like that’s where people on you tube max. out at? Not sure why? maybe space concerns?

My battery is a 10s10p.

You can see the size of my self made enclosure and the modifications I had to do. You can make a battery box like trampa since it’s more about clearance. You can make your size any way, just remember how much you can put below your deck or on top of it (I hate putting mine on top).

This is the dimensions.

Edit: your limit is how large the deck can fit the pack without it hitting the ground.

Nice, a dirt one? I’m planning on sticking to the traditional board, maybe one like that at some point. That battery is huge, does it last long? Almost looks like a bunch of lipo’s. Thought about the lipo thing but guess you have to charge them all individually if you have several packs linked in series, so that’s out for me. My zealot is 2" too the bottom of the enclosure from bottom of deck, which may be as low as I could go. It’s all scratched up. Hmm, I’ll look more into the battery making I think?

Something like this?

It looks similar to a zealot. If this is what you’re going for, you can get the 12s3p and it’ll look nice and not as big as mine. This will fit your traditional deck and you won’t need to modify.

This is a battery box… you can do a 12s6p set up, but you can see why it’s not my favorite.

You don’t need a large battery for long range (mine won’t outlast a 12s4p p42a type pack), you need a battery that has large capacity, while giving you enough amps to move your board. Samsung 40T, p42A, and M50A are good for long range (not like mine since my battery is massive and lasts 50 miles in distance but suffers voltage sag) and gives you great power (M50A is only decent since it only gives 15amps).

Yeah, there is a balancing act with the whole capacity but voltage thing for power, I know series is good for voltage and parallel for capacity so far. yeah I’m green! I’m kind of thinking a somewhat flexible battery that may go further under the deck than the zealot and your pic, separating out the controller to the back does give a nicer flex, so considering that also. You go a lot of boards! I can’t put anything I topd I actually stand in the middle of the board a lot almost with both feet facing forward at times, cause I ride so often and far and need to give my feet a break but still make it on time wherever I’m going. I seriously ride my zealot at least a 100 miles a week.

This would be your build then:

The board with the battery box isn’t mine. I have 4 boards though.

Yep that’s what I’m thinking. How big is the battery on that one? long lasting, fast, etc.? Is that a build or a complete bought one?

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I changed it to a DIY later on. It was a pre-built at first. It’s a 10s5p battery set up with the esc in the back. I changed the esc to a vesc type esc. The speed goes 31mph and the range is about 18 miles or more. If you really want the range and speed, make yourself a 12s4p P42A battery pack, then get a good vesc 6 type esc.

No regrets.

Cool thanks for the help! The VESC makes a difference huh?

It 100% does. Both battery and esc will make any board an esk8.

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Yeah, I realize that put see different style of ESC and VESC online and in videos, lot’s of manuf.'s too? I’ll do more research on that end, for some reason I have a 12S6P in mind…not sure why? my zealot is 12S2P and I was thinking 4moreP would give extra range, from what I’m used to. I charge it twice a day to get around. Thanks for all your help, peace!

Private message sent.

I will likely match or beat the price of any Chinese battery. The quality will be higher as well. Let me know if I can help you out at all.