Max current with dual 8072S’?


I am trying to calculate the max current I will need for a dual 8072S build. I’ve got a few different configurations and not sure which will be the most the demanding. The motor is rated for 6kW and 95A max, but I doubt dual would mean my batteries should supply 190A. What would typical draw look like with the following configurations?


  • 12S 30Q battery
  • 80kg max board and rider weight
  • 25% grade hills


  • Single 8072S vs dual upgrade later on
  • 14:66 and 18:66 gearing
  • 6.5” street tyres and 125mm Gummies

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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What voltage is the motor rated for?

Amps * volts = watts


It’s rated for 15S, I’ll be using a 12S.

what speed controller are you going to use?

ESCapes 10char

Those trampa builds usually are big money with 8000x motors and if you got a escape and want the desired amps go Lipo route but get tattu batteries there like the best thing that happened to 8000x motors


How much do you weigh is the real question…

I weigh 72kg, board will be ~8kg dependant in which batteries I go with

Thanks! I was thinking of making a Kaly style enclosure, but double height for a theoretical 12s8p pack. Will that be enough current?

12s8p 8pX20 on 30q is 160amps I think that would be fine but that’s going to cost a lot, keep in mind that thing is going to weigh alot as well .

That’s what I was thinking, it would be pretty unweildy. 12s4p is 80 amps, will I ever draw that?

Yes. You should easily draw that if you are okay with hard acceleration.

Sorry, I should have been clearer, will 12s4p be enough for a dual 8072S build or do I need to go higher? I’m thinking that if I build my own enclosure, I should be able to fit a 12s5p on the Carver without doubling up.

If I were building it with large motors like 8072 I’d go for sure with 5p or higher. You can limit battery amps per vesc to not exceed what your battery can put out. Then set motor amps to 95a each.

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I tried today full power on my motors 90A/motor went out never even reached 70A even going super steep hill. Me 82kg + board ~20kg

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What’s your battery amps max per vesc?

80A but I havent even reached 40 battery amp :slight_smile:

I don’t ride as hard as you guys, but once when riding my evo in the dirt going uphill I hit 52a. That’s the highest I’ve ever been and I’ve tried to make it go higher and just can’t.