Max Volt for 6374 motor

Hi, I want to use this motor and it’s just for a 10s battery but I want to use a 12s battery pack. If I just go up to 60Amps could it also work? Motor with 3200W 50,2V(full charged 12s pack) × 60A (max Amps) = 3024W Still under 3200W Could this work or should I never go over 42V (full charged 10s pack)?



What ESC are you using?

Maytech vesc, 60V 50A (dual setup so I use two)

As far as I know maytech vesc’s have the ERPM limit of about 60.000 Erpm. Most motors have 7 Poles so you have to divide by 7 and get 8570 rpm. The Motor has 200KV so 200RPM per V that equals 10.000 RPM at 12s (50V) So at the top end you are pushing your Vesc to an area where they are prone to failure.

Its why I am selling 170KV 6374 Motors as they will not break most people’s ESC’s.

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Awesome thanks, so if I go with lower kv it might work?

Yes anything over 170KV will over long kill your ESC at 12s.

Okay thank you very much, I will look for a lower kv motor because I really want to go with a 12s.

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I just like that kind of conversation. I’m no native english speaker, i ment its awesome not crazy:) Sometimes you don’t see the forest because there are to many trees. I just want him to buy your motors:D

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By the idiom you used I am assuming you are German or Austrian.

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I’m italian, but we speak german here;)

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Guter Mann

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You speak german too, bimmer is probably out of range^^ I can recommend APS, has almost every kv you want or can order them for you, also his motors come with sensors if desired and all i got have silicon wires.

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I took my 1200gs through the Dolomites in 2013. Pretty sure that should be close to you.

Indeed, i’m right there.



With DHL and a small reduction in price my motors are the same price as APS while being plug an play for vescs. Sensor is already 2mm micro jst and at 200mm better suited.