MAX6 ESC low-voltage cutoff protection?

Im planning to run 8s lipo’s but I was curious what settings should I use as a baseline for low voltage cut off threshold? auto intermediate, auto low or auto high are the options but the manual didn’t say what each setting corresponds to?

So im just wondering if anybody here has tested what voltage each of the settings will cut off at?

I guess not then…

I’ll send you the exact settings later when i’m at home :+1:

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Thanks man that would be awesome.

Just checked again in the manual:

And indeed, they don´t mention somewhere what is what exactly. If i remember correctly i set it at “high” and ran my lipos down to see if it triggers, but even “high” is too low, i think it was under 3,5V, so you should definitely monitor your cells and not rely on that setting!

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@Nowind did you test the cutoffs?

Also interested in the cutoff values. Does anybody know max voltage of the Hk max6 esc. I want to run it at 35v instead of 33.6.