Maximum charge current of 25r batteries

What are you guys charging yoru 25r packs at? I am looking at a 15a charger for my 12s 8p pack but wondering if that would be too aggressive.

According to Samsung you can rapid charge at 4A per cell, so you would be able to go up to 32A with an 8P pack. 25R%20Charge%20rate

So would a 2a charge rate per cell be an issue for everyday charging you think?

Charging for Li-ion cells is preferred at 0.2C This will help increase the life of your cells. Rapid charging shortens the life. A standard charge is 0.5C as 0.2C is so slow. If you have time for charging then anything between 0.2C and 0.5C is good. Between 0.5C and 1C Ok. Over that detrimental to the cell life.

So 1C on these cells would be 3a so I’m ok.

The C rating is the capacity of the cell. ie 25R’s have 2500mAh (2.5Ah) capacity so the C rating is 2.5A 2A charging :wink: all good.

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Damaging the cells with fast charges is not a good idea.

I would not consider 2a charge current per cell fast would you