May have bricked my VESC Please Help

I was testing my board and it crashed off of a stair pinching the receiver and causing it to short. Receiver is dead I know that but it may have bricked my VESC as well. Only one side of the dual flipsky 100A vesc has lights turn on now and I need how possibly trouble shooting. Any advice would be appreciated.

Wellll… Sounds like you are panic posting. I often do the same thing in the form of shit posting. Did you check the obvious things? The little switch in the middle? Idk if that actually turns it off or on. Does it smell burnt?

i checked all of that. One side of the vesc turns on so power is going to the board. The side of the vesc that died was the one the reciver was plugged into so I am assuming that it blew a fuse or something on that side i just dont know where.

There’s no fuses on there… Lol best bet is to contact the drv wizard and let him fix it up. Not sure if he’s over here or not. I get ahold of him on Instagram.

okay if you can that’ll be great because i don’t see how a short at the receiver can brick over the whole board but i just don’t know where to look this is my first build.

You’ll have to take the esc out and send it to him.

Do you have his @ or someway I could get a hold of him? that’s how I’ve communicated with him