May I graduate (probably highschool level not college level :D) from this forum?

So finally, after doing tons of research and the help of you guys I finally got everything worked out (I do think so at least :wink: ). I would really appreciate it if you guys would take one last look over my setup.

Alright so let’s get started:

I weigh about 85kg (187,393lbs). I am mostly going to ride my board in a big city so no worries about having to go up to many hills or to steep ones. This is going to be a Single drive build, because budget reasons.

I already got a casual longboard, Paris trucks and Orangtang 80mm Wheels. My budget is about 650-700€ not including the board the trucks and the wheels.

I plan on using the following parts:

  • This motormount from Alien
  • Sk3 6574-192kv motor from Hobbyking
  • I will use the Vesc. I don’t know yet where I will buy it. Either from Unikboards, Alien or whereever it is available in Europe.
  • Ok so after jumping from 8S Battery Systems to 12S and back and forth I finally decided to go with a 10S Setup. I will use this config: 5x 2S 5000mah LiPo in series (similar to Namasaki’s build) . I choose this battery.
  • For charging I plan on using this BMS and this Charger.
  • Obviously I will ned a On/Off Switch as well. I choose this Switch.
  • My remote is also going to be from Alien as well.

I think thoose are all the basics and I hope that I did not miss anything. I might add a batteryindicator and front an back lights somewhere, but I don’t have that worked out yet.

Alright for all those who made it down this far:

  • Do you think this is going to work out?
  • Are there any improvements you would make (keep budget in mind please)?

And special thanks to @sl33py and @Namasaki. You guys were of great help!

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Alien has these motors for a great price and they are better quality than SK3. They are precision motors and come with a keyed 10mm shaft so you would need to buy a pulley from Alien to fit.

I like your battery choice, 5000mah and 40c, that 200a continuous and should help to keep the voltage sag under control especially for riding mostly flat ground.

I am not familiar with the APS remote. I am familiar with the mini RC Remote, They are very dependable and offer great control for acceleration and braking. And you can get them on eBay from China for less than $20 shipped.

For the extra 2e a battery this is the one im using on my next build there 60c the one u picked is 40c

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id look for a besttech bms with an eswitch instead of these. save some space and $

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Sorry, I used the wrong link. Fixed it now.

I need to tell you, the Alien Remote and that Power Switch are A W E S O M E, I have both and they work pretty weel

I have 2 besttech 10s bms on order if u dont have your one on order i can sell u 1

Namasaki uses this in his builds and he know s what hes talking about

Where are you located? How much is one of those and what kind of switch is that.I mean will it do fine. Is it as good as the anti spark switch i choose?

Im in ireland everything u need to know about that bms is in that link

The E-switch on the Bestech bms works like an anti-spark switch. For me, it has proven to be more dependable than the stand alone E-switches that I have tried. It just doesn’t include the push button. You have to provide that. Any 2 pole automotive switch will work

@hornet90 I think I am in. It is a lot bigger than the one I planned on using though. When will you receive the the BMS?

you mean a switch like that right? Is there anything that i have to look out for when buying the switch or can i really use any switch? Because i can’t find a 42V Switch

They are getting shipped in the next 24h with dhl

Alright I will let you know. How much would it be in total for me? Because it is a lot bigger then the BMS i choose. The height of the bms is more than the heigth of my batteries.

I don’t recall what batteries you are using, but the total height of the bms including the heatsinks is 3/4" which is the same as an 18650 battery cell. Length and width are 4.5" x 3.125"

With the Bestech E-switch, you won’t need a high voltage or high amp switch. Just a 12v automotive switch works fine, just like the stand alone E-switches use.

I would get a round switch though, it’s a lot easier to cut the mounting hole in the enclosure.

This is what I used: I recommend the 16mm. The 19mm is too big.

@hornet90 Alright let me know once you receive them. Il send you my adress then.

I dont know when it will get here any thing from china takes weeks i never think about when its going to get here ill only up set my self and my wife "did any post come did any post come"thats all you used to hear from me but now i forget about it till it comes