May U rest in Pieces 4wd evo

so I was in my second group ride, mostly boosted board riders aka only me non boosted in downtown LA, I wanted Edgar to try my board up hill really good rider better than me . He has ridden my board and gone up to 40mph on it and now other person that was riding my board that crashed he road my board for a while went up to 30 on it and was chill thought not much of it accidents happen and no one got hurt but my 4wd is totaled completely

here’s the video

after inspecting 4 motors are destroyed magnets 2 vesc pcb completely shattered and other 2 ripped off the phase cables from pcb battery only damage I can c is one battery is completely bent The dude fell and was use to his board and pressed down on the remote when he fell launched my board 60 hitting the concrete pilar


ouch… that’s all I’m gonna say

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Noooooo :sob::sob: that piece of art

Just fell off? Looked like he wasn’t used to the deck/bushings/power and just over balanced, sorry about your board dude…

I don’t even let people ride my gravity decks, I tell them the steering geometry and bushings are tuned to my weight/stance & ridding style and anything more than walking pace would be dangerous.


“OOOoooo nooOOOOO!!”. hahaha. was a nice looking deck too bad.


dafuq that’s like $1.5k in damages at least.

whoever crashed it should be responsible, seems like they didn’t know wtf they were doing.

btw, ur not the only non boosted in dtla, you’re in my hood right there by union station.


all motors are gone :sweat_smile: battery seems just to a bent all the way in cell and just one nickel strip exposed

bassicly everything is gone like gone gone besides the battery which is vent battery and nickel strip exposed

more like everything in damages everything is destroyed.
We were on 7th street and on our way back from the park

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That’s a huge bummer! Glad the rider is okay. Now you have a real good excuse to build the next monster board.

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is that one cell that shorted to itself? that burn mark.

It might be nice if the VESC could do some sort of acceleration and amps cross reference. eg; Limit further acceleration when high acceleration and a low’ish amount of amps are detected (like when you aren’t standing on it).

Looks like they grabbed a stack of acceleration after coming off.


Note to self: Don’t let people go over 15mph on my board. Sorry about that man, that really blows :’(

you still have 4 tires!


no the battery pack was sent in for repair and it’s not even 2 weeks old :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sleepy: @barajabali that hit made the battery fly out not sure if fixable it’s not battery fault or anything it’s user error

indent preformatted text by 4 spacesUploading… other 2 focbox completely got shatters too pieces the pcb this is the other 2 phase wires broke and the vets are broken and bent

That sucks dude. Sorry to see such a nice board destroyed. I never let my friends on my high powered boards, too dangerous for them and the board.

Glad no one was hurt and everyone was wearing a helmet.

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That really sucks and it is heart breaking to see the damage on the board. My sympathies for the board itself. I just can’t stop thinking though…damn… just imagine if that pillar would have been someone’s foot!! or this may be far fetched but what if it was a very young kid. That is scary stuff!


Sorry for your loss man. Such a bummer.

Genuinely sorry for your loss man. :frowning:

sorry for your loss bro