Maytech 12s ESC NEW firmware to fix the brakes!

Hello do you have the 150818 firmware version you can send me to fix my beeping noises? Thank you.

Your ESC is not bad. You seem to be using an older version of the USB Link program. I had the same problem. Try the AlienPowerSystem’s or the FVT 1.3 or 1.5 (can’t remember) program and it will read your settings correctly. Good luck!

Sure. PM me your email address.


Thanks man, but that ESC already fried. Got new from FVT, works much better.

These esc r great once u get them dialed in

Looks like FVT has fixed the issue in their latest firmware release 170818 (August 18, 2017) which is available from their downloads page:

Here is the version as reported by the config tool:

No more random acceleration after releasing the brakes!


Wait what? You guys were having random acceleration after releasing the brakes? I;m still using the first version with my own configuration and its running fine.

That only happened in the sensored mode, see this video on Flickr.

i don’t see a video. If you’re talking about sensored then that would explain why my older sensored motor kept moving by itself even after Im at standstill. interesting, this really solve a lot of questions i had for those motors.

Looks like Flickr videos aren’t being embedded correctly – here is a link to the video.

Even worse for me when running sensored and forward/brake/reverse mode, at low speed (luckily) and at partial forward throttle, the motor randomly went into low speed reverse while I was riding. Happened a couple times, the most shocking incident being on asphalt, riding at about 10mph and instantly coming to a screeching halt cause the motor switched into reverse. Good thing these boards are so long and I had foot straps and only running single drive at the time otherwise I would have been thrown off. I switched to forward/brake mode after that and haven’t had that problem since. Freaking scary though.

Sounds cool. Wonder if they fixed random full throttle on startup.

Nah, same thing. I apply full brake, then start from standstill and it goes full throttle. Using 70% PWM limit for brakes helps, but there’s still a small chance it’ll do a wheelie on startup.

So the key to smooth riding on these escs is to use brakes as little as possible and not to let it freewheel :smiley:

@vap That sounds very similar to the issue I was having before. The latest update fixed that, though. Are you running it sensored?

Which remote are you using?

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I’m using my own NRF24l+arduino remote and receiver, so yea it could be the signal noise. I also tried one of my frsky d4r receivers and quadcopter controller when i first installed them, i could reproduce same behavior. Haven’t tried it with the new firmware though.

Hmm, i’ve already added capacitors everywhere, i might try adding LC filter to the receiver.

So how did this turn out in the end? Are the breaks comparable to the vesc’s or not?

brakes r perfect

Hi! I am struggeling a bit with the brakes myself. The firmware you are linking in the top of the thread, is it for the FVT 120A 6-12S single ESC, or the Dual? I’ve got the dual, but I am guessing it will work on that also? Just to make things perfectly clear; the firmware you provide are for this ESC: Link to FVT official site

Because I’ve got this: Link to Alibaba-page

Hope you will get back to be. Best regards.

yup thats the one. but not the dual version. Contact FVT directly they can help.

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Hey all!

I’m trying to flash the firmware on this ESC: image

When connecting the USB programming card, I can’t get the software to recognize the ESC. Do you have to provide external power to the ESC for it to work? I think I need to connect a BEC to the other servo cable but I don’t wan’t to damage the logic boards.