Maytech 6355 140kv (gauging intersest)

Hey, guys so I have a quote for Maytech unsealed 6355 140kv motors.

So here is the price. $77 per motor from the factory, and $88 shipped to me. So in the US I’m anticipating the price will be around $100 shipped.

Phase wires are 240mm length and sensor wires are 500mm in length.

We need 20 people to make this happen please vote below only if you want to buy these.

  • interested in 1 motor
  • interested in 2 motors
  • interested in more than 2

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Ooh, this sounds like a perfect motor for small, lightweight, don’t need to go faster than light builds! Excited to see what people make from these :slight_smile:


Bumping this incase people didn’t see it.

Bumping this for the last time. Looks like there is some interest but not enough.

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If we get less than 20 motors, price will be $110 shipped in the US. Are you guys still interested? Lmk what you guys think. @pookybear @Eboosted @SourPlumGoose @Knowhere @sac75578

I’m still down to get these at that price but I understand if you guys feel different.

Any chance the factory would send them eu way as well gumburger? If so I’d like a pair and we could probably rustle up some more buyers.

@bigben seeing as how those carvons worked out so well, these would be infinitely better :ok_hand:


i can definently find out, dont see why they wouldnt. let me find out how much shipping is to EU

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if any EU peeps want this, please go ahead and vote. brentburger has aggred to distribute these in europe.

I’ll pass thank you.

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Nah @hummie hubs all the way on the Tayto!

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Me too but they are a way off!

i’ll pass too. thanks

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Sorry I’m out. Next time!

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