Maytech 6355 190KV SOLD!

2 Brand New Maytech 6355 190KV Sealed & Sensored, If anyone interested. Same price with what i get from them 250$ Shipped (i pay for 255.85$) imageimage image

Note: This motor are confirm by them as190KV, they said they just put wrong lable on it box as 170KV. But well yea who knows :smile: i didn’t make any test of them.

The size are too wide for my built, so i think i need the different size of motor.

PM me if interested, thanks.


230$ Shipped :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Would you do both for 200?

Your location? The price is for two motors shipped fyi.

Still available?

Yes they are

Still available but prefer to ship them closer to my location, ship to US from Indonesia are too expensive for 2 motors with its weight. :blush:

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Hi will you ship to Italy?

SOLD my friend

@mmaner @anorak234 can you please close the thread.

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