Maytech 6374 170kv spinning both ways?

The motor is sensored. It has been set up sensorless due to problem. The setup with sensor was screaming high pitch sounds n lock up so im doing sensorless.

The motor spins both ways even using current no reverse with brake. Pissing me off i just wanna go ride but scared it will backfire on me.

can i see pictures of your settings? i don’t think it’s the motor, you could have some settings wrong.

Can u suggest what settings maybe wrong? What pages of settings to take pics of?

As far as i know everything should be fine ive set motors up many times without this trouble.

Using the new vesc tool which is bit different. But i re did my trampa motors the other day which went fine.

So your non sensored set up spins both directions?

Is this only on the bench?

I thought non sensored setups were supposed to do that?

That’s why you have to push off before you go so motors know what way to go.

Ive had someone else say that too but ive run sensorless trampa motors for nearly a year and thsy never spun the wrong way unless i changed a phase or invert on vesctool

When measuring flux linkage on tool it should spin. I just tried it again then and it didnt spin. But did finish successfully

Ok wtf i have just discovered something.

The reading for resistance / inductance i got from using motor setup wizard was: 25.2 ® & 13.6 (L)

But when i just use the detection tools i get: 1168 ® & 25.87 (L)

I think the dodgy wizard has done something.

The first time i ran it yesterday i got sensor readings but it was fucked when i tried to spin the motor

I feel that running the motor like this its possible the motor still tries to spin the other way whilst im riding it. That wouldnt be good i imagine…

Could this new resistance reading mean that there is a bad phase connection? It seems high considering the first time round it only measured at 25.