Maytech 6374, 6355 170kv Sensored and Sealed Interest?

I need personally about 4-6pcs, and shipping is a killer Shipping for 10motors to me is USD159. For 20 motors its USD169

The motor has a keyshaft, not sure about a flat spot waiting for their reply Dimensions of the shaft and everything is on their site, check the link

We could also put some remotes with the motors or any other of their stuff They said that they would label the shipping price lower than the real so we pay less in fees

6374 is 115$+ shipping 6355 is 100$+ shipping Contact me to get a shipping price to you Im located in Croatia and shipping to UK would be 15$ for one motor and 18$ for two Delivery time from maytech is 3 days and a day or two from me to you

It would be great if there could be some people interested so we order atleast 15 motors, larger the quantity lower the price :smiley:

"Maytech brushless closed cover outrunner motors are specially designed for electric skateboard. The motors come with low KV, high torque and efficiency. All parts are made of a high-precision CNC machining center, and all surfaces are made with oxidation treatment. High temperature and high purity oxygen-free copper wires were used. The motors use high-grade magnets and 0.2 mm lamination to improve efficiency.

The closed cover enable motors have dust-proof and water-proof function The hall-effect sensors inside tracks the motor’s position. This information permits the controller to alternate power with the right timing and in the right sequence and, voila, it spins."


Hey, I’m have next week a big order from maytech, we could share shippings? I can also get you dealer prices for the motors, remotes and vesc’s :slight_smile:

For the moment I have 21kg for 165$ to Belgium, the more at once the less the price/kg

Like for a groupbuy or just for me

For the ones that want :slight_smile:

How much is a 6355?

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@Acido will thake care of the groupbuy, since I can’t because I’m not a regular…

I recently got the sealed 6374’s for 90$ per piece (I bought 2) plus 35$ for shipping. I’ve ordered them without any logo and the lead time for that is 50 days, so I haven’t received them yet.

With orders from 10 pieces they let you chose any customization (like color, cable length, connector, etc.), which is quite interesting.

Another important thing to note is that they charge you extra for the Paypal fees.


You bought from maytech for 90$? If you pay as a friend you don’t have to pay extra with paypall

Im choosing maytech since they seem like a good company, you can get 6374s for 60$ but probably theres less copper and whatnot

I didnt find any problems with these motors, like loose magnets which are common problems with motors They seem to be high quality to me and thats the reason I want them

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I will look into ways we can lower the price even more

maytech is the best for motors!

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Yes, from Maytech directly.

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you got a shop or something?

No, I just asked them for a quote via email.


Than you got a very good deal! :slight_smile:

Hmm, since some people are selling these motors for 120$ including tax and shipping from China (e.g. I was under the impression that this is the normal price. Otherwise the margins would be very thin.

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Good to know!

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I’m looking for some motors. However, im in the US so can’t really help with shipping to Europe. If anyone wants we could do a US group buy.

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@bimmer Is selling some

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