Maytech 90mm 60kv 800W hubs trouble shooting

Would you mind sharing one important factor, your body weight?

As for the Pulesboard, I did not see one video of it climbing any hill. On their website where they claim it can climb 25% hills they just have a picture of it sitting in front of a small ramp that looks like about 5% maybe 10%

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Here’s our testing on a 20% grade hill : . I was able to climb 18-20% no issues when we were running the LG MF1’s in 10s2p , however we had a couple issues with voltage sag and the BMS topping out on full throttle up some hills so we decided recently on moving to the Samsung 25r’s and a better BMS

And btw , our board is fully modular (ebike connectors from ESC to motors) so we plan on making motor upgrades possible. We’ll have esk8hubs as an upgrade and possibly also a belt drive setup

I need to lose some but I’m pushing 170lb. BTW, one factory is making all these motors, Meepo, Pulse Echo, Maytech motors. I heard Meepo motor are pretty heat tolerant or should say resistance. At 22mph doesn’t seem to tax at all heat wise. A very long half a mile 7-8% climb makes it hotter but not hot enough so you can’t touch for 2 sec. That’s my experience with it. I don’t know anyone who runs these Meepo motors other than the cheap ESC, but it seems that ESC doesn’t play well with the Maytech version, which OP has.

Your first claim was with the may tech hub motors.

Now your showing us a board with belt drive. And your claiming no voltage sag. There is always some voltage sag even with the highest output batteries. And Samsung 25r’s are known for voltage sag that’s whey the diy builders in this forum are have been switching to 30Q cells. This is just another case of deceptive advertising.

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Good move, I think the OP’s pack is also LG MF1 cells and partly he’s experiencing voltage sag. OP’s motor should be run by VESC like Pulse Echo it seem.

A question, on Echo you are running the one piece dual VESC or two separate VESCs?

No, I think Pulse has been very open about their evolution over at Reddit.

Thank’s for your time again!!

The battery was labeled on the outside, together with the companys name i will take the board apart and see if i can get more information. The battery is originally made for e-scooters and so far i like the bms, i have brakes avaiable even at 100% charged. So if i could bypass the discharge there might be hope. But i really consider going for a refund and start from scratch again. I would have loved to get the Raptor, but it is outside of what i can afford. How much are the @Hummie Hubs when avaiable?

I say they are making impossible claims about their product. Those of us who have been around a while building and testing various setups know this.

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The belt setup isn’t what we’re selling today. The echo is selling with dual Maytech 800w’s . I was just showing that we’re testing multiple motor options for future upgrades as were designing it to be modular for easy upgrades.

The hill climb test on instagram was running the Samsung 25r’s and the Maytech 800 hubs (not the belt setup)

We’re running dual Maytech VESC and working on an app that will allow you to run a quick motor detection when changing motors (that or have a predefined motor configs that we can push on demand via the app)

I’m guessing the test rider in your Instagram video weighs about 120 lbs And you should not claim “no sag” because that is impossible especially with 25r’s

Nice. Dual VESC. I was always curious about that one. So little information on those with successful implementation.

Everything comes down to rider style and weight. If you like to ride slow most of the time, weight 120 lb, and go fast every once in a while, hubs like that wlill be fine. But the stator is tinny. They are not tested to my standards. 20% hills for a 2 miles, is what needs to be done. Tell me how hot you are, and I bet you’ll blow you board up in the first mile. Get good components, speed 2-3k, and build your self a board that will do what we all expect from our electric skateboards, which is to just work, and work well.

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Haha yeah 150 , however I’ve done 20% grade myself running the LG’s and I’m 200Lbs and no issues at mid throttle (full throttle was topping out the BMS max amperage output , hence why we moved to the 25r’s plus better BMS ) … I agree , technically we shouldn’t say “no voltage sag” , maybe we’ll re-word that one .

I think you should stick with belt drive and forget about hub motors. Cheap hub motors like those from Maytech are known to be unreliable. The issues associated with those types of motors like high current draw and overheating, urethane getting loose and comping off. When your making boards to sell and warranty, you need dependability. That is my friendly advice to you.

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wound motors for 11 hours today, never left the house. getting better at it i don’t have a price or time when they will be done sorry


The time you have a price and are willing to sell your motors please let me know it, here in Japan electric vehicles are prohibited, having a nearly stealth motor like the hub motors is a big advantage! Thanks for your time and dedication anyways!


Hi, How are the Maytechs been so far?

in Japan electric vehicles are prohibited

I so hoped modern urban areas in Japan would be heavens for esk8ers :hushed:

I did not had a good experience with them. Urethane is not good and chips easily, they develop a lot of heat. First I had them running with the ebay esc which was not a good match. Then I tried them with VESC’S and more amps, with the VESC’S they are more torquey and can drag me uphill but they get really battery hungry then. Another side effect was even more heat and that slowed the ride down after maybe 5-7 km. At the moment there is no good option for Hub motors, maybe that might change with @Hummie Hubs. If I had the money i would go for the Carvon torque drives which are similar specked to the Maytech’s. But i have really hope in @torqueboards direct drives, which will hopefully come at an affordable price.