Maytech 90mm Hub and Truck (EU)


I gonna sell two Maytec 90mm Drivetrains. They have been used for maximum 200km. They work perfect and come with the Truck.

The hubs have 22A with 800W each.

(170€ for one Truck and two 90mm Hubs +shipping)

They have been used in a 10s4p Setup with two 50A Maytech Vesc‘s in Bldc Mode only.

One of the hubs has a custom hubcap because I tried to cool the Motors on a single Hub Setup.

I drilled holes in the hubcap and closed the holes again :slight_smile:



Hey! That’s exactly what I’m looking for:P Do they run FOC with focbox aswell?


I have no focbox to tell you the performance with this hubs. With the Maytech Vesc’s it was better to run Bldc Mode. I tried it for 10minutes in foc with the maytech Vesc’s and it worked very well. So I think It will work with the focbox aswell :thinking:

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Ah yes, of course they ran in FOC mode - they marketed it themselves with their dual ESC

I’m definitely gonna go purchase these from you, but could you wait for 10 days max? Until a new paycheck clears My phone got waterdamanged yesterday which I took, dried and cleaned up today, but it glitches and dies on me… I’ll see what the repairman can diagnose tomorrow tho having to fork out for a new same one is not a far gone conlusion…

E: Hey man no worries I can make payment now:)


Nice to hear that you gonna take them. Those Hubs a realy great :wink: Take your time for payment no hurry needed. Do you want both drivetrains or one ? Hope your phone can get repaired :+1:t4:


One drivetrain is still available the other one is reserved for composites_r_awesome So anybody out there searching for a 90mm Maytech drivetrain ?


One drivetraine shipped to estonia and arrived safe.

Anyone out there wanting the other one :thinking:

Still available :wink:

Hi, Those hubs are still laying around and would love to get on the streets again :hugs:

What about 130€ for the set ? :thinking:

Hmmmmmm, :thinking: ?

Do I have to put them on ebay ?

Just tell me how much you wanna pay for them. They are too good to lie arround :grimacing:

I would advise you to halve down your prices and add shipping. Else you might not sell them anytime soon :sweat_smile:

I have 100usd + shipping if you wanna send to the US



Of course do I ship them to the US. I have to check the shipping costs. Do you want with tracking ID ?

Yes, pm me