Maytech 90MM vs Wowgo/Ownboard 90MM motors

Hi all,

I’ve lying around a ownboard/wowgo (new type) ESC plus a Sanyo 10s2p

So I was thinking to make a cheap but reliable backup board while I’ll wait the hummies or the torque direct motors to complete a new build.

I’m torn between the maytech and the wowgo/ownboard motors.

The maytech one looks more solid however the ownboard/wowgo ones claim 30 degree hill climbing which in SF is a good send.

What do you think? Are there any better options in the 250$ range?

The Maytech Hubs are not a good match for your Ownboard esc. I don’t know how much you weigh but the 30% incline with the Ownboard hubs is a bit exaggerated. I run the Ownboard style hubs with VESC’s and with this setup i can get up quite steep hills (200lbs guy). Before that i did tried them with the Ownboard esc and this esc is just not pushing enough amps to get me up slight hills with a decent speed. The black Urethane on the Ownboard hubs is much better than the Maytech’s equivalent. I got a lot of chipping on the Maytech hubs and the duro seems to be harder and less comfortable.


Thanks mate! Last question, do you trust their trucks? Those screws to lock the motor looks sketchy :joy:

I’m 180ish pounds

My trucks are okay so far, but there was a bad badge i heard. Since November last year i put around 400km a month on my board and didn’t had a issue with the trucks jet. But i read raving reviews from people who replaced the trucks with brand trucks like caliber or Paris. It seems that you even can replace the baseplate of the rear truck. But one thing is for sure the stock bushings suck!

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I have a pair of maytech motors and attempted to use it with new wowgo esc but it did not work at all and burned the esc. I then changed to the new meepo esc and it still had some problem. And yes the PU on the maytech hub is bad.

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Thanks guys. Really appreciated. I think I’m going with the ownboard one unless someone suggests something better.

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