Maytech controller interference question

Hi everyone, i have just finished building boards for myself and my girlfriend. they are very alike and both have the same remote. i didn’t even think about the interference possibility when we ride together. is there a way to pair the controler to just one board? i dont have a manual for the controler so i dont really know anything about it.

this is the controler

Any information would be very much appreciated.

That looks like a Steeze remote. You could try this.

That looks very promising. im going to try that as soon as i get home. Thanks a lot.

No problem.

It worked. you just follow those instructions and you can change the channels for each remote, i changed the so one is on 2 and the other is on 25 so the frequencies are far apart. and it works perfectly. thank you very much for your help, i could not find the information anywhere.


Awesome. Glad to hear.