Maytech dual ESC hub motor kit Promotion 40%OFF

To thanks for all electric skateboard builders support to Maytech, we will have a promotion in next Month. %E8%AE%BA%E5%9D%9B%E4%BF%83%E9%94%80%20%E8%BD%AE%E6%AF%82%E5%A5%97%E8%A3%85

Here is promotion link:


I just bought this set. For 386 dollars. Not complaining about that at all btw. Since it is an ESC and not a VESC i dont need to go trough the hassle of programming it. Personally since this is my first shot at an E-board. Also not complaining. What i do want to know is. How much amps does the ESC feed to the hub motors on high and low frequency? I did some research on batteries on this site. And it seems that this determines the speed but also the range. I kinda wanna calculate how many Ah im gonna need to get where i want to go. The speeds are predetermined by the ESC as it is. So what are the speeds? This info i think will help me out alot in purchasing a battery for this set-up. In any ways i’ll get the chance to test it either way when my purchase arrives anyways. If anyone has the answers to these questions that be super duper.

1 How many amps are given to the motors by the ESC ? 2 What are the speeds in correlation to these amps in this set-up? 3 How many Ah do i need for a 20km radius? ( i can calculate that if i had more info)

Thx in advance a customer awaiting its product and buying batteries soon.

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I wish I had seen this when the deal was on, that’s a super offer. Doh!

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