Maytech motors questions


1- do you know if maytech sell their esk8 motors with a drilled axle ready to put a keyway?

2- i like how some companies rebrand maytech motors with their logo, How to do this? buying a lot of stock?


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Branding by buying a lot of stock or paying extra for the branding

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minimum order quantity for Maytech motors with your logo laser etched into them and circlips, sensors, and keyways is 20 motors.

minimum order quantity for all of that plus your choice in anodize color is 100.

20 motors shipped from them after everything is going to run you about $1600.

They only do paypal but you get a choice of shipping methods. TNT seemed to be the cheapest when i did it.

Say hi to Eileen and Jollin for me.


How reliable have Maytech motors been??,…thinking of buying the black sealed sensored 6374 .

mine have been great. They really take a beating. I’ve been thinking of trying their new sealed motors as well.

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Where they sensored ?,

yes i like the sealed but they only have 170kv ?..and shaft is 26mm long

…To bad the new SK8 did not make their motors shorter

yeah mine are sensored maytechs and i use them in all of my builds.

I’d like to change things up a bit though and find some sealed motors with better flux rings and less empty space in the can and a flat bottom so i can run 12mm belts easier on standard 184mm calibers.

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Do your maytechs use the original 26mm shaft ?, does this cause a problem with thick 10mm mounts?

I’ve never tried them with mounts that thick. I imagine it wouldn’t leave much room for pulleys.

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