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Maytech MTES 120A 12S Sensor System with 6374-170KV Motors

Looks like the instructions on an ESC with a program switch, which, I assume, these do not have.

To anyone using the Maytech or FVT 12s 120a ESC: Make sure no throttle input is given on start up. I have fried several of these by accidentally giving a little throttle while turning the ESC on.

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I tried this already, my Roxxy is programmed this way. Thank you mate.

I got a newer one on request, there is completely nothing about calibration, all say say “its not needet” :grin:

Holy Shit, you killed several this way? Oh man thanks for advice. I will be carefull.

And yes you are right, the old instruction manuel is talking about a switch which is not there.

Hey, do you know which wire is A, B, and C? How did you wire them properly or dosnt it matter?


No there is no identification on the wires.
Just hook them up and try… have to change on one side the two of the phase wires.

For detailed informations on testing hall connection check out the link from @squad :

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Would be not better use Alien 6374 Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 170KV 3200W? any one test them on E-MTB?

So, I got 2 of these for testing. The wire closest to the sensor port is A, middle is B, and the furthest is C. I am overly impressed with this speed controller. I just have one problem. The brakes are progressive when I brake, but after about 1 second they go to full brake. Do you have any pointers?

@JLabs what ESC are you using?

The 12s 120a sensored.

What model?

They are from FVT. They’re are the same as the Maytech, I think.

Cześć Lukasz!
I have two of these motors on my EMTB but i am waiting on my ESCs to be able to test them. Unfortunately i wont be able to use the sensors as the ESCs i am getting do not support sensored motors. Once i have tried them out i will let you know how they are

Hey @JLabs, there is no way to set the brakes differently. The only thing you can do is change the delay time when it goes to full brake.
Another reference for the phase wires: The one across from the positive lead is A, middle, B, and the one across from the negative lead is C. According to FVT.

Really? That’s odd… Can you change the delay time with the programming card?

Yup. If you have the right version. I’ve only had the USB link work for me. If you change the break percentage it changes the delay, on certain firmware versions. Some make no difference. That and the throttle at start-up death are the reasons I am not running one of these anymore.

Siema:) i got dual 6355 motors sensoredless on VESC and 16cLiFepo4 setup. But the starting is annoying the motors just shaking but when it start is accelerating no problem. I was thinking to try sensor system and bigger motors. Waiting for news from you how they work thanks

Are this the ones you are selling in your portal?
I thought the 12S ESC you have there is sensorless ?
Maybe i missunderstood?

I am selling the 12s sensorless and bought 2 sensored versions for testing.

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So now you agree they are the same?

NO THEY ARE NOT. The 12s WITHOUT sensors are different. The 12s SENSORED are the same. Why do you keep doubting me? I know what I am talking about.

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I doubt you because I know others that have told me they are the same. But thanks for being more clear about the sensors.