Maytech now with updated firmware?

Just had a random email from Maytech saying they now have a new vesc… Version 2.54?? Now comes with @Ackmaniac firmware?

following this

I don’t care I don’t trust their vesc.

@Ackmaniac how could you?!! :joy: :yum:


Agnes has been downloading again. Stop all the downloading, Agnes.


I hope she donated at least :laughing:

I want to visit MayTech one day. All of the girls in their emails are really, really cute.


Sadly they haven’t donated. They also never said a word to me. First time I hear about it.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

I hope someone verifys firmware of this new vesc soon, I hope it isn’t yours …

I’m sure it is just coincidence in numbering!

Nha it’s maytech… so I’m pretty sure it’s @Ackmaniac firmware… probably because they are in cold with trampa and vedder regarding the Trademark. No wonder why they are ban from the forum :wink:

I’ve been contacted by Maytech and this was a mistake apparently. I guess the firmware is the same as it was before.

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