Maytech Sealed & Sensored 6374 Group Buy (cancelled)

Happy New Year ya’ll! I’m going to be ordering/sampling some Sealed and Sensored 6374 Maytechs. However shipping costs a bitching, so I’m looking to do a group buy to make it worth my time.

Since each motor will be wound to 230KV, the price per motor is roughly 120 USD at the quantity I’m ordering them at. Anybody interested in doing a group buy? You’ll be paying the 120 USD + domestic shipping.

Edit: I’ll be asking Maytech about doing some 190KV wound motors. Hopefully that doesn’t add too much to the costs and/or time.

bet you’d get more interest with 190kv


I can probs have both 230kv and 190kv done on the same shipment. However I’ll have to ask them about whatever extra costs/lead time that entails. Shame they sell these motors at 170KV stock…

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Some folks prefer the 170kv

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Could you ship to Argentina?

It’d probably be cheaper to buy the local options around you, since shipping to Argentina would mean creating a separate DHL shipment (which would cost around 50-60 USD).

May I ask why your interest in 230kv? Are you making a speed machine?


Perhaps… Also past experiences indicate that manufacturers overrated the kv ratings of their motors. so a 190kv motor is really 170kv, a 230kv motor is really a 190kv, etc.


I measured the 190 6374 s & s maytech and landed around 180 kv.

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I’ll probably start my build with a single 6374, but consider in me in for a pair at that price.

Im looking for a 230kv on my 8s if price is ok

is 668g on the lighter side for 6374? my measured 6670’s (5035 stator) weighs in over 900g…



Awesome shit. There’s plenty of room to make changes. Their motors are definitely on the lighter side, so I’ll have to check on that. Worst case scenario, I can back out of the negotiations and reach out to another supplier.

Um the retail price on these motors is $120. What’s the advantage of a group buy?

Doing custom KV windings from 190KV to 230KV. The KV ratings for most motors are off by 10-40KV or so,so I’m hoping to get ‘true’ 190KV.

After a little thinking. I don’t think a group buy for these motors will be worth it, so I’m closing up the thread.

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