Maytech: two brushless 190KV, two VESC50A, one radio controler/receiver, timing belt

Hello people, I cancelled my e-board project so I am selling few parts. Never used and in perfect condition:

Brushless Outrunner Motor 55$/each MTO6355-190-G KV: 190 Shaft: 8mm with machined slot for set-screw motor cable soldered with 5.5mm golden male connectory Witht Maytech Standard motor color and Cable length Without motor accessory Brand: Maytech

VESC for E-Skateboard 50$/each MTVESC50A Continuous Amp: 50A Burst Amp: 240A 10S Input Voltage: 3-12S Lipo SBEC: 5V/2A Motor supported: sensor & sensorless brushless motor

Radio control and receiver for e-skate board 35$

MTSKR1512 Radio control and receiver for eskate board

Timing belt 5mm HTD 20$

All prices are negociable

Shipping from Montréal, CANADA



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Where you from? I want the controller please.

Montréal in Canada

Perfect. I’m from Canada too. I’ll pm ya.

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Don’t give up, you can do it!

chillax bud’, it’s 20$ for 3, my mistake :wink:

I’ll take the vescs if not sold.

I was just encouraging you to complete your build instead of selling it off. Sorry

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Are the vescs still for sale?

VESC and Remote are sold

Are the motors still for sale?

Are both Vescs sold or just one

Both are sold

Thanks anyway

Hi are the motors still for sale?