Maytech vesc /190kv motor/ motor mount /7s3p battery/ cailber trucks etc

Various bits for sale from eskating website Purchased September and had less than 50 miles use. Maytech vesc. £80 caliber trucks. £40 Motor Mount £40 190 kv motor £90 7s3p battery w enclosure/ display/charger etc. £160 36&40T wheel puley w 2x motor pulley inc bolts and 3 x 15mm belts £35 Hand remote inc receiver £30 can provide pics if needed.

How much have you used it? Purchase date? Thx

Do you have some actual pictures of the enclosure? Also do you ship outside the UK? (Netherlands in this case)

Edit: is there room for dual Vesc in the enclosure? And what are the enclosure dimensions?

Been used for less than 50 miles , was purchased last autumn.

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Yes there’s room for dual vesc. Click on the link and all the info is there

can sell as a complete with Landyacht Wolf shark deck/ 190kv motor/ mount and cailber trucks if theres interest?

How much for just the Caliber Trucks?

Interested bro, what’s reason for sale? Thanks in advance.

Thats a 189 Wh pack. You will never get that distance from it… 20km would be max, but probably more like 16km.

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+1 here, dunno how fast you ride bro but that’s just not true

Yes for a 189wh battery averaging around 10wh per kilometre the range should be about 19k. Not sure why the website says 30-35?

How much for the deck?

I have a brand new pair of caliber trucks here never used can sell them posted for £40?

You ship to US on the vesc ?

sorry, EU shipping only.