Maytech vesc and 2.4ghz mini controller connection issues

Having problems with maytech vesc and controller. When i’m riding and keep the controller stil while squeezing the trigger, it works fine. But when i move my arm around while squeezing the trigger, i get sudden jerks, has anyone had these issues, if so, can you share the fix?

I was going 21mph and i had no brakes also, completely lost the signal from vesc and controller, i was lucky there were no cars coming, it was very scary.

This is the controller im using.

This controller is known to be very reliable. I use them myself. Make sure you have good batteries either alkaline or non rechargeable Lithium AA’s I use Lithium AA’s and they last for up to a year. Don’t use rechargeable nicads or Nickel Metal Hydrides. They are not 1.5v If that’s not the issue then try re-locating the receiver and ant. Also, if you are using a carbon fiber deck or enclosure, carbon fiber is known to obstruct RF signals.

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