Maytech VESC BRAND NEW IN-BOX / $105 shipped

For sale is a brand new unopened VESC from maytech. Ordered it June 20th and it just arrived. In the mean time I got tired of waiting and ordered a Ollin VESC. Bought it new for $101, selling it for $105 shipped from USA (no waiting 2 months).

It is literally still in the orange taped boxed they sent it in, untouched. I plan on returning it if nobody wants it, but figured I would list it because its a good VESC and it will arrive within 3 days in the US.

PM or respond here if interested :slight_smile:

No it’s a very very bad one, sorry dude…

What lol? Maytech vesc’s are perfectly fine. They use 3 1000 uF 63v caps, and don’t really skimp out on components. Tons of people have had very good luck with theirs. What are you talking about?

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I would read this thread. Very few people have problems with them and the customer support is great.

Maytech VESCs are somewhat known for failing out of nowhere if you are trying to use FOC and if you try to use it with as high power as you could get away with a “name brand” VESC. My MT VESC failed in FOC and I had the same config (using split servo) on my home built VESC using Mouser parts. So therefore I think they use cheaper parts to lower the cost. It might be just bad experience maybe user error so make your own opinions. EDIT: The vesc worked for like 70km perfectly fine (for this reason I say it failed out of nowhere)

If you buy this VESC be sure to update the firmware and your BLDC tool to be sure, because they still use the 2.18 firmware with the max current ramp step bug. Just to save your self some time not having to troubleshoot fried VESC. :slight_smile:

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Good suggestion. I still believe they are high quality, but regardless I can understand your worry. Having read through the forums It seems like the mortality rate in MT vesc’s isn’t any higher than other vesc’s unless you consider FOC, which has been an issue with most vesc’s running older firmware’s with newer versions of BLDC. Regardless, if nobody wants this i’ll be returning it anyway. Figured I would offer it to anyone state-side that wanted it before I sent it back.

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Rich, I get you’ve had issues, but seriously dude, Have you read all of the other posts on the forums about all of the other brands of VESCs that have had burned out DRV’s and Mosfets?

I sell them, And haven’t had any returned. Not to mention, Johnny Meduse has repaired a couple for me. He didn’t come at me saying “these are shit” Why do you think that is?

If people wan’t to try one for $90, even if they do burn a drv. It’s repairable for $45.

Do the math.

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Honestly, I felt bad to bother the sale of @Genex when I wrote my first post but when I’ve read “good vesc” I couldn’t resist to disagree. My 2 maytech V4.12’s are bad to the bone. I’ve tried them with 3 different FW. All with same settings and 20km test ride each. With FW 3.26 one motor got very hot and the other just warm. With FW 2.54 my master V4.12 had 20 ABS over current faults (135-150A) and the slave 1 DRV fault and 17 ABS over current faults, also sometimes weird behaviour.(see video below) and a lot of cut offs. Also when spinning the motors every 3-4 turns there was a strange noise and mechanical resistance on both motors (no matter which FW). With FW 2.18 and FW 3.26 i had no faults during riding, only on the bench some ABS current faults.

With my new V4.12 from @esk8 I never had any single fault nor any cut off nor any strange behaviour, the quality is top as expected, not a russian roulette like maytech! I use the same cables and settings on my new V4.12’s like before with maytech without problems.

Forgot to mention that both maytech V4.12 had the max current ramp step bug (also not easy to upload proper FW without bootloader), and one hall sensor pin had a cold solder joint, @JohnnyMeduse saw it with his eagle eyes on a picture.

@psychotiller @Genex here my evidence for the Maytech V 4.12 disaster:

I’ve ordered directly from maytech in china: 2x V4.12, 1x 6364 190kv and 2x steez remote. Including taxes and additional charges I’ve paid 590 € / 694 $ in the end. Beside the motor (but never tested) I lost a lot of money because I can’t use the V4.12’s and also want to swap the remotes because I love life, not death.

STEEZ remote has dangerous drop outs, here one example: I was riding way too fast on the sidewalk approaching a street with about 35 km/h (strapped on my MTB) when my steez remote had a drop out and i couldn’t break, on both sides cars were driving. Well, I thought i’ll die or at least get bad injuries. I don’t know exactly what happened but with a ninja turn between driving cars i managed to get in opposing traffic without getting crushed and I could roll to a stop. People were looking like I’m a suicidal person. That was the most scary moment in my esk8 life yet.

:joy: I’ve claimed but never got an answer

I know I’m off topic because this is a sales thread and no discussion but I wanted to let you know why I am so much against maytech, this company is not acceptable for me, they should sell motors only!

Also I have no tree where money grows.

Again I’m sorry for bothering @Genex, I think you should make a new sales thread :wink: Peace!

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It’s whatever, if you are so dead set on these being trash I guess the loads of people that have had good luck with theirs are null and void. I’m not really that interested in wasting time trying to sell it, but I waited 2 months for mine to arrive from China and I wouldn’t want anyone else to do the same.

I’ll trust your judgement and just return it. Hopefully nobody wanted a state side vesc that statistically is just as likely to work as fine as any other $100 vesc.

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I had two maytech vesc work perfectly fine, commuting several times a week for 7 months. Yeah there are some downsides, don’t run foc. No boot loader. Keep your battery leads short. I wouldn’t recommend for use in mountain boards unless you add heat sinks but that goes for other vesc’s without heat sinks. Other than those downsides I’m happy with the quality and function.

Its still better to support a local manufacturer if you can afford it. Even if quality is the same you will get much better service.

I drv faulted my MT VESC too! I rode 1wk with heatsink.

I can say from my experience at least that they are solid if set up right. I have a dual 6355 setup with maytech vescs and it’s been perfect for the past month I’ve been riding. Plenty of full speed runs and plenty of steep hill climbs and they’ve never done anything out of the ordinary. I didn’t update the firmware so I’m not sure what FW it came with out of the box.